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Rich Gebbie Mentioned in Federal News Network Article on Vote by Mail Elections

Written by Midwest Direct

On May 22nd, Jory Heckman with Federal News Network reported on many USPS updates taking place at this time, including temperature check, finances, leadership changes, and the expansion of Vote-By-Mail in his article USPS tests temperature check ‘proof of concept’ for postal employees. In this article, Heckman briefly touches on these important industry-related topics, and concludes with a statement from Rich Gebbie, president of NAPM and CEO of Midwest Direct:



National Association of Presort Mailers President Rich Gebbie, also the CEO of Midwest Direct, a ballot printing and mailing company, said 2020 is expected to be a record year for vote-by-mail but said states could run into capacity issues.

“There are a finite number of printers/mailers that are set up to handle ballots (which require a great deal of security, accountability, and integrity as well as investment in special equipment) and while some can increase capacity, they would only purchase additional equipment to do so when they have orders in place from a state,” Gebbie wrote in an email to Federal News Network.



Because of our experience with the previous elections, Midwest Direct has systems and procedures in place to overcome the upcoming obstacles. Over the last six months, Midwest Direct has served over 38 counties with more than 5 million ballots. In 2019, Midwest created, produced, and delivered over two million ballots for over 35 Ohio counties. 

Ballot production and distribution can be challenging in “normal” election cycles. The 2020 election brings with it all the regular challenges along with new urgency, regulations, and increased demand. Now, more than ever, you need an experienced ballot partner to guide you through the process. Midwest Direct can be your Vote-By-Mail partner. 

Don’t wait! Speak with one of our Vote By Mail or Absentee Ballot advisors today!   



Learn more about the many upcoming challenges the USPS faces, including the increase of Vote-By-Mail, and how Midwest Direct is prepared to help you overcome them


USPS tests temperature check ‘proof of concept’ for postal employees

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