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35 & 36: The Power of a Partnership Data Review; Part 1 & 2

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Acquiring data is not the hard part. Making it meaningful, keeping it relevant, and using it to inform your most important marketing decisions is. At CTRAC Direct, a division of Midwest Direct, we are helping our clients interpret and optimize their data – more importantly, we help them find resources to maintain it. This includes the topic of today’s podcast – Partnership Data Reviews – a very specific and powerful option available to current clients.

These Partnership Data Reviews can help clients firm up their own internal processes or learn new ones. When you work with our team of data specialists, you learn not only what you want to know, but also what you should or could want to know.  Experienced analysts, like Jean DePalma, Director of CTRAC Direct, can help you understand much more about your business and marketing efforts through the data. This podcast will give you a better understanding of how Partnership Data Reviews can help our clients and how you can benefit from them, even if you are not a current client. 

In this episode of The Plus Podcast, Jean DePalma, Director of CTRAC Direct, explains how these Partnership Data Reviews can inform and accelerate your marketing plans.


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Part 2:

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