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Auditing and Compliance

Security matters.

To ensure the safety of your mail and communications, we have multiple systems and safeguards in place to ensure your mail is securely handled and stays in compliance with USPS standards from pick up through delivery. When you mail with us, we add Intelligent Mail ® Barcodes (IMBs) or machine-readable codes. Using the USPS Improved Mail Visibility system, we are able to track individual pieces of mail, as well as entire trays, sacks, and palettes through the system. No matter what volume of mailings you send, you can track your mail or packages as it moves. This includes the ability to access service performance data so you’ll know what mailed, when and where it was delivered.

Seamless Acceptance.

To ensure the best possible experience and efficiency for you, we regularly adopt recommended USPS programs such as Seamless Acceptance to gain speed into the USPS mail stream. We act as your advocate when needed with the USPS and monitor your USPS Scorecard to ensure you get the best possible postage rates.

Our Security Protocols

We take the security of your data, communications, and mail seriously. Our facilities are held to high-level security protocols which include SOC2/Type1, PCI and HIPPA compliance. Midwest Direct utilizes technical, physical and administrative measures to protect the confidentiality integrity and availability of your information. Our security standards include, proximity card restricted access, SSH transport, SFTP, secure-on-site document shredding, background checks on personnel, controlled access to facilities and departments, video surveillance systems, and strict visitor procedures. To meet SLAs regardless of the weather, we maintain on-site back-up generators.

Seamless Verification Infographic
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