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we save you time & money.

If you ever use the words “print,” “deliver,” “message” or “mail” when talking about your direct marketing project, we can save you time, hassle and impact your costs.

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organize your clients.

Audience data is one of the most important assets of your organization. It is your list of clients and potential clients: The people that do, and could, spend money with you!

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we understand challenges.

We understand your challenges and offer digital marketing tools that help you deliver your digital and graphic messages to a connected world.

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Midwest Direct operates from our headquarters in Cleveland, OH and facility in Pittsburgh, PA. We work with clients nationwide, so no matter where you are located, we can help you deliver your print, mail + digital messages and communications more effectively and efficiently.

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Midwest Direct Blog

July 12, 2021

Three Mistakes Nonprofits Cannot Make During Appeal 2021

I’ll cut to the chase. Nonprofits need to strategically plan and allocate their marketing budgets to get the biggest bang for their buck. Most of us know that those channels include email, direct mail, and.....well, the rest of the channels vary. Some do great with media coverage and others do better in social media. Given that email and mail are usually the two most important channels, what can you do to ensure you’re squeezing every last bit of marketing from those channels? ...
July 6, 2021

How Energy Providers Find New Customers with Direct Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how Energy Providers can quickly stand up a marketing campaign. We call these campaigns digital+post -- and your campaign will target the prospective customers you have now and will grow your list of prospective customers with high-quality candidates. This campaign integrates two of our most popular martech products: Digital+Post and home IP targeting....
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