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The Plus Podcast

Welcome to the Plus Podcast with Midwest Direct.

Midwest Direct is a marketing and communications company focused on helping marketers deliver engaging messages. We deliver over 2 million messages every day that land in mailboxes, inboxes and in online ads -- then help our marketers understand where their ROI is in advertising. 

Why The Plus Podcast?

We created these podcasts to support you in all the avenues of marketing you manage and to achieve your marketing goals with strategic marketing, data and analytics, mailing and online advertising.

Find your favorite podcast publisher in the colored boxes below and subscribe today! We’ll see you next week on the Plus Podcast – where the plus means more.

Podcast Blogs

June 2, 2020

25&26: The Power of Creative With Expert Graphic Designer, Sheila Hart; Part 1&2

At Midwest Direct we spend a lot of time talking about the marketing formula: List, Offer, Creative, and Channels. We can offer in house services with List, Offer, and Channels, but building the...
May 5, 2020

24: How to Use Our Political Marketing Tools to Build Highly Targeted Political Campaigns

You may have already read about our digital+post political tool, Political Powerup, to help you revolutionize your mail and get your political campaign seen by everyone. What you may not know is we...
April 28, 2020

23: Why You Should Add Social Media Ads to Your Next Mailing

It’s tough to get business closed in any channel these days. Did you know most conversions happen between the 8th and 12th marketing touch? By definition, if you’re serious about conversions, you need...
April 21, 2020

22: Understanding Vote By Mail with Rich Gebbie

Today we are sitting down with Rich Gebbie, CEO of Midwest Direct for a bonus episode of The Plus Podcast. Rich has spent a lot of time working directly with many counties in Ohio and the Board of...
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