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The Plus Podcast

Welcome to the Plus Podcast with Midwest Direct.

Midwest Direct is a marketing and communications company focused on helping marketers deliver engaging messages. We deliver over 2 million messages every day that land in mailboxes, inboxes and in online ads -- then help our marketers understand where their ROI is in advertising. 

Why The Plus Podcast?

We created these podcasts to support you in all the avenues of marketing you manage and to achieve your marketing goals with strategic marketing, data and analytics, mailing and online advertising.

Find your favorite podcast publisher in the colored boxes below and subscribe today! We’ll see you next week on the Plus Podcast – where the plus means more.

Podcast Blogs

February 11, 2020

16: The Next Big Thing in Mail Tracking is Here

Listen to Gary Seitz and Scott Campbell on the full capabilities of digital+post Mail Tracking, in this week’s episode of the Plus Podcast....
January 28, 2020

15: How We Built a Winning Omnichannel Campaign

A few months ago, Michelle Toivonen, Director of Strategic Marketing at Midwest Direct presented to the Regional PCC meeting. She spoke about our nationally-recognized omnichannel campaign for a local...
January 14, 2020

14: Revolutionize Your Mail with digital+post

We designed digital+post to help marketers integrate and serve messages in mail, social media, Informed Delivery emails, and online display ads....
November 19, 2019

13: Looking Back and Moving Forward with The Plus Podcast

In this week’s podcast, we wanted to recap everything we covered in one place, to make sure you didn’t miss anything on our mail, data, print, and full-service marketing capabilities....
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