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The Plus Podcast

Welcome to the Plus Podcast with Midwest Direct.

Midwest Direct is a marketing and communications company focused on helping marketers deliver engaging messages. We deliver over 2 million messages every day that land in mailboxes, inboxes and in online ads -- then help our marketers understand where their ROI is in advertising. 

Why The Plus Podcast?

We created these podcasts to support you in all the avenues of marketing you manage and to achieve your marketing goals with strategic marketing, data and analytics, mailing and online advertising.

Find your favorite podcast publisher in the colored boxes below and subscribe today! We’ll see you next week on the Plus Podcast – where the plus means more.

Podcast Blogs

October 7, 2019

7: It’s Easier to Succeed with Direct Mail Than You Think

How do you do a direct mailing campaign? From beginners to experienced professionals -- anyone who needs help creating and delivering a direct mail campaign should listen to our Direct Mail podcast. ...
October 1, 2019

6: What Auditing and Compliance Means for You

Listen to Sean Gebbie, President of Midwest Direct, describe the security measures and processes implemented to secure mail, and the power of using Seamless Acceptance and the USPS mailer scorecard to determine the quality of your mail service provider....
September 24, 2019

5: Gain Visibility Into Your Mail Delivery and Tracking

As a communications delivery company, we know how important it is for you to know when your messages have been delivered and what the response rates are....
September 17, 2019

4: Everything You Should Know About Mail

Mail enjoys one of the best response and engagement rates available in marketing today. However, it is also a demanding channel that requires expertise and experience to manage well.  Midwest Direct...
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