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From Data to Distribution

Midwest Direct is a full-service supplier for Absentee or Vote By Mail ballots, envelopes, and instructions. Using your voter mailing file, our data team processes your file for the corresponding, pre-approved ballot styles and to comply with USPS regulation. We produce proofs of your ballot, insert, and envelopes. Once approved, we print your entire Vote By Mail pack in our secure facility using high-quality production equipment to ensure every voter receives the ballot you intended them to receive. 

Midwest Direct can provide all materials needed for the Absentee Vote by Mail process including:

  • Ballot Request Cards
  • Vote By Mail Ballots
  • Mailing Envelopes
  • Voter ID Envelopes
  • Return Envelopes
  • Instructions/Inserts

Midwest Direct can variably print your envelopes to include any data specific to your county. During production, you will receive proofs of your ballot styles and layouts of all the information printed on the identification envelopes. 

Your Absentee Vote by Mail packets are delivered directly to the USPS and accepted into the mail stream, then tracked to the individual home to prove timely and accurate delivery. Upon completion, your file is securely transferred to you as a record of what we received, produced, and mailed from that file.

Download a sample package of VBM ballots, envelopes, and inserts.

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