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The Best Of Midwest Direct in 2020

Written by Michelle Toivonen and Charlie Brock

The joy and mirth of holidays are just around the corner.  Here in the marketing department at Midwest, we’re big fans of the “mirth” part. Throughout the year, we work hard to bring you relevant and timely content, which often means we’re moving fast and furious. Try as we may, that also means the “unexpected” can happen along the way. Recording our YouTube videos and The Plus Podcast, publishing blogs on direct marketing, mailing services and client literature, interviewing industry thought leaders and clients with stories to tell is challenging -- especially in a busy office. Heck, even when we sneak off to a “quiet” place, it doesn’t always go as planned. Our safe spaces are packed full of unpredictable sound, and pet appearances. Wherever we record or whoever we record with, we generate a lot of fun. So, for our year end wrap up, we thought we’d share a little of that fun with you.  So, without further ado, here’s what ended up on the cutting room floor at the Midwest Direct “production department”.



We’re not great actors, but we are great in all things data, mail and marketing. Contact us today to get started with a member of our team. For more fun content check out our YouTube Channel and subscribe to The Plus Podcast

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