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Rich Gebbie Quoted in The Wall Street Journal on Vote by Mail Elections

Written by Midwest Direct

Austen Hufford and Joshua Jamerson from The Wall Street Journal write about the unprecidented demand for mail-in-ballots in the 2020 election in the article Ballot Printers Rush to Meet Mail-in Voting Demand. In this article, Hufford and Jamerson analyze how printers across the country are preparing for the November election. They spoke to experts in the industry including Rich Gebbie, CEO of Midwest Direct. In this excerpt from the article Rich speaks on volume and capacity Midwest Direct has taken on for the 2020 election.

Ballot makers get business by submitting bids to local governments. Printers are typically paid for each ballot mailed, and expected to be able to handle all ballot requests a local government receives. Maryland, with about four million registered voters, expects to pay about $11 million to print and mail request forms and ballots to voters, plus nearly $2 million for return postage.

Cleveland-based Midwest Direct plans to print four million ballots this year, about 1.8 million of which are expected to be mailed to voters. That is up from 300,000 mail-in ballots out of the three million Midwest Direct printed overall in 2016, according to CEO Richard Gebbie.

Mr. Gebbie said his factory is running near capacity and that he recently turned down a county in northeast Ohio seeking a ballot printer. “We’ve got to have a little safety valve here and say we’re just not going to take any more,” he said.

We know being a vote-by-mail ballot provider can be challenging in “normal” election cycles. Election 2020 brings with it all the regular challenges along with new urgency, regulations, and demand. Now, more than ever, you need an experienced ballot partner to guide you through the process. 

Learn more about the difficulties the country faces with Vote-By-Mail and how Midwest Direct is prepared to help you overcome these challenges.


Ballot Printers Rush to Meet Mail-In Voting Demand


Midwest Direct: Your Official Election Partner For Mail-In Ballots


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