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Midwest Direct: More Than Just Mail

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

In 1982, Midwest Direct was founded as a provider of mail presorting operations. Since then we have developed into a marketing and communications company focused on helping marketers deliver engaging messages. We deliver over 2 million messages every day that land in mailboxes, inboxes, and online. Then, we help our marketers understand their results and plan for future campaigns. In this video, we go through these services that will help you achieve your marketing goals.



Since this video aired in 2019, we have expanded our offerings to help marketers reach their goals in data, mail, print, marketing, and more. Below you will find more detailed information about the services Midwest Direct currently has to offer — but there is always more to learn. If you’re looking for more information on any of these topics, contact us to get in touch with one of our Data, Mail, or Marketing Professionals and learn what Midwest Direct can do for you. 

Our Services

Data: Your data is our focus. Market data, audience data, sales data – it’s all information that drives valuable business decisions and can show you how to effectively reach the list of people that do (or could) spend money with you. If you’re new to data (or you’ve got a lot of data that needs a lot of help), we can help you get your data in shape for better marketing results and a lot less wasted postage fees! Discover what to do and what not to do with your data in our Beginner’s Guide to Data.

Enhancement: Did you know you can use your existing data to “clone” your best donors and reach them in highly relevant channels? With the right data strategies and tactics in place, you can. Our data team can help you discover the kind of MarTech available to you to turn your campaigns into multi-channel campaigns for much less than “agency” pricing. With all the new data and traffic you’ll be experiencing, we’ll show you how to manage the data to create actionable insights with future campaigns.

Analysis and Reporting: Your organization’s data has a story to tell. More importantly, if you have a million records, there are a million stories within the data. But, no one will know any of that until you can manage, analyze, and interpret your data. You can gain deeper insights into your data with our data analysis and recommendations. See how we’ve helped organizations gain a better understanding of the data they have and how to generate more relevant information across channels to foster better marketing with data management for more targeted, relevant content and strategic planning.

Support Services: Data quality contributes heavily to the success of direct marketing campaigns. At least forty percent of your campaign’s success rate is attributable to your data, which includes the little things in your data management you may be overlooking. That is where CTRAC Direct, a Division of Midwest Direct, Support Services Team comes into play. 

Mailing: Midwest Direct was founded in 1982 as a provider of mail presorting operations. Back then, employees did it the hard way, standing in front of cubbyholes and manually hand-sorting the mail by ZIP code. Today, our technology has advanced to the point where just one of our machines can sort up to 50,000 pieces per hour! Today, Midwest Direct helps our clients efficiently create and deliver their print, mail, and digital messages with the best audience data for targeted and accurate deliverability. 

Presort and Commingle: Save on postage and gain efficiency with our presort and commingling services. Large or small volumes, complex mailings, mounting postal fees, and a need for greater visibility into your mail tracking and engagement rates are all good reasons to consider using our presort and commingle mailing services. Using a mailing services provider will help you gain efficiency in your mail processing and save on postage costs. When you work with Midwest Direct, you get additional benefits such as a dedicated service representative who knows you and your mail, increased visibility and tracking, and flexible pick-up schedules.

Direct Mail & Print: When you include our team in your print process we can help you save time and money while improving response rates. Our print team can help you to design a printed mail piece that will capture your audience’s attention and improve your print and postal spend with some of the most effective techniques used in print marketing today. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Midwest Direct can help you take your direct mail from start to finish, with data, print, postage, commingling, tracking, and much more.

Election Printing and Distribution: Your Election Ballots are critical to the success of your next election. You need a vendor you can trust to help you create, produce, and deliver high quality, accurate ballots. Our experienced team can help you with every step of the ballot design, production, and distribution process. If you’re new to Election Ballots or Vote By Mail ballot production, contact us today.  We’ll help you prepare for a successful election.

Marketing: Our direct marketing tools enable you to create powerful communications and campaigns in print and mail that anchor, informs, and triggers other communications in email, social media, and online advertising. With Midwest Direct’s marketing tools you can see your multi-channel tracking and results populating in near real-time. You’ll know who did what, when, and where so you can deliver better customer experiences, higher conversion rates and, improved ROI. Then again a better understanding of your data before, during, and after your campaign with our Strategic Marketing Team. 

Targeted Display Advertising/IP Targeting: Targeted Display Ads look and act like traditional, search-based, PPC (pay per click) ads in many ways, but there are a few key differences; such as they don’t require a search to appear, and no cookies are used for tracking. So there’s no way to get bot traffic or ad fraud. While you can set your own budget (like PPC), instead of buying ad clicks, you buy ad serves for specific homes or individuals. So, you’re serving ads only to individuals you want to target online. While targeted ad campaigns are smaller than most traditional display campaigns, they are more precise, generally yielding a better ROI.

Digital+post: Ever wonder how well your direct mail is working? Struggling to really quantify results and determine Return on Investment? We designed digital+post to help marketers integrate and serve messages in mail, social media, and online display ads. This effectively doubles your marketing power as you improve the customer experience while gaining much more relevant data to inform you about your buyer’s behaviors and insights into your customer journeys.

Strategic Marketing Team: Our team of strategic marketing professionals can help you break through your toughest marketing challenges from data analysis to strategic planning for deeper channel integration. Whether you need to develop deeper customer profiles or evolve your marketing into multi-channel efforts, we work with organizations ranging from small to enterprise-level with their most complex data and marketing plans.

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