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Beginner’s Guide to Mail Tracking and Reporting

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Tracking and reporting your marketing successes (and failures) is critical to proving the engagement, overall response rates, and ROI of your campaign. Many marketers want to know more, but struggle to track and collect the data they need. Even when they do have the data, it can be extremely difficult to know which clicks, calls or opens resulted in a sale. In marketing speak, the question is “How do I assign source attribution to my conversions?” It’s getting easier. This article will explain how to effectively track both online and offline channels for more accurate reporting; how to assign accurate source attribution and how to match your marketing efforts to sales in order to report your ROI (return on investment).

Source Attribution for Omnichannel Campaigns

Data First for Tracking & Data Last for Reporting

To achieve great results and relevant reporting you have to begin with the end in mind. If the goal is to create leads that result in sales conversions, then you could begin with the data you have about people who have already purchased from you. If you don’t have that, you need to construct a way to closely track the path your prospects take to get to the sale. We call that your customer journey.

Most marketers or business owners form “stories” in their head about who their customers are. Your data has much more to tell. Even if you’re dead on about your audience, you may not know how they got to you, how many times they checked your site/social media/ads before buying and very few marketers track what consumers are doing with your brand after they purchase. Even if you do pull reports on all of that, it’s very hard to distill the data and match it back to your sales conversions. We have a method to do that — and the technology to support all of those goals. 

In order to see prospect engagement across multiple channels, you must start by fully integrating your print/mail, email, social media ads, online display ads, and call tracking into one marketing dashboard, such as our digital+post dashboard. This dashboard easily publishes your omnichannel campaign with full tracking and easy reporting available to you. Our dashboard shows live results for your audience in all the channels of your campaign at once, including social media matches, ad serves and CTR (Click Through Rate), your online display ad serves and CTR, email open rates and who opened it, mail response rates, delivery tracking and all your inbound call data (including a recording)! 

When the campaign is finished, you can export all the data and compare it to your sales data for a solid report on response, engagement, conversions and ROI. An added benefit: your source attribution just got a lot more relevant! You can finally see who did what within your campaign.

Get More Information on Tracking and Reporting

Our highly experienced data team can help you think through where to begin with your data, the kind of tracking that will best serve you and how to get started. 


Learn More: Mail Tracking and Reporting

What is Mail Tracking?

  • Technology that reports when the mail was sent and when it is arriving in homes at the global, local and individual level.
  • See who received your mail, and when then engaged with your brand in another channel.

How do you get mail tracking with Midwest Direct?

  • Just ask! We’ll be happy to show you a live version of our dashboard and discuss all your options with you.

Can you access data from previous mailings?

  • Yes, you can pull down data from any of your campaigns anytime. Exporting is as easy as choosing your file format and clicking submit.

Social Media Tracking and Reporting

Online Display Ad Tracking and Reporting

  • Display ads served to your audience matches, the CTR and percent of visitors to your site.

Informed Delivery Email

  • Official email from the USPS with over 23 million subscribers (in March 2020).
  • Delivered to your audience matches on the day their mail will arrive with a scan of the mail and your call to action in a button sending them directly to your landing page.
  • Now they don’t even have to wait on the mail to act on your mail.


Learn Even More

We tackle topics like omnichannel campaigns all the time in our blog, podcast and on YouTube. Learn even more about all of the above by jumping into your favorite channel below or contact us today to get started!

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