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5 Easy Steps to Get Diners in the Door NOW

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

It’s been a TOUGH year for restaurants. Even if you managed to keep the cash flowing with take out and a patio, the weather is changing and your regulars are unsure about what’s next. You need to keep bringing customers in, make sure your diners are informed of all the updates to your hours and menu options -- and keep the orders rolling. Now -- more than ever -- you need to market. Here’s how to knock it out of the park.

Get More from Social Media

Most restaurants already post to social media. Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at some ads. 

What if you could do all this with one united campaign drive:

  • Target specifically the people/households in your neighborhood(s)
  • Serve them FB/Instagram ads for up to sixty days
  • Send an email that averages 80% open rate
  • Mail new prospects a postcard (average response rate of 5%!!)
  • AND capture anyone who comes to your sites (Website, FB and/or Instagram) with your online ads for up to sixty days.

...all for pennies per person. Sound good?

Contact us today and get your campaign rolling now. Or you can take the deep dive on exactly how we’ll get all that done. Either way, get started today and don’t miss out on revenue for your restaurant!


1) Target the People in Your Neighborhood

There are tried and true methods that reach your target households. We can help you sort out what’s the best plan for you, your budget and timeline. Most importantly, whatever you end up choosing, we’ll make sure that your future customers see you for months and in more than just one place. We can send your message to their phone, laptop,  inbox and mailbox. That’s a lot of marketing for pennies per person.

2) Fresh Facebook and Instagram Ads Drive Online Orders and Restaurant Sales 

Most likely, you are already actively advertising on your social media accounts. This is different. We can match the people in your target zone with their social media profiles and place your ads in their feeds -- for up to sixty days! Our match rate floats between 40-60%, but we can guarantee that those matches will be targeted with your ads. AND if they make it to your website, we’ll capture their information and serve ads to those folks too. Stay social with people who are most interested in your restaurant and most likely to dine with you.

3) Send Direct Mail to People Most Interested in Your Restaurant

You choose. We can drop a card to folks on your list, or send a postcard to folks who hit your site, even if they don’t leave an address. Either you send a list (or have us buy one ) we can use our software to match everyone who visits your site to their home addresses. We’ll only send one postcard a month, so you can tempt them in without breaking the budget. 

BONUS: We directly integrate mail with the USPS Informed Delivery email. Over 40 million Americans have opted in and the open rate is over 60%. As this is included in the setup, you’re getting a lot of bang for the buck

DOUBLE BONUS: You can download those home addresses of your visitors to grow your prospect list and send your next promo their way. 

4) Catch Them When They’re Hungry

In addition to making it easy to advertise everywhere, our campaign extends the impact from one or two days to up to 60 days of online advertising and social media blitz. We all know, when it comes to food, you often have to hit a customer at the exact right time - when they are hungry. This might not happen the first time around, which is why repetition is key (especially if you have those enticing food pictures in your ad!) If you add a mailing, the online ads and social media posts support response rates long after the mail has been received -- effectively circling your audience back to your message (and that mouth-watering food picture or the special you’re running at the time) for up to 60 days. 

5) Track Your Results Live 

Your campaign can be fully loaded into your custom digital+post dashboard. You can track what is working anytime. While the campaign is running, you can download your mailing list, active leads, and captured site visitors anytime. You can also change the artwork for ads and social media as your campaign progresses, empowering you to be truly responsive throughout the campaign. All the information you need is at your fingertips!

Here’s What You Need

  • Your target zone -- or ask us to help you 
  • Your Facebook and/or Instagram business page
  • Your favorite ad/postcard or idea

Contact us and ask for a live demo to see how easy it is for you to get diners in!  

demo digital+post dashboard

Learn More About This Advanced Marketing Tactic:

If you are a restaurant with a loyalty program or online ordering, and you’d like to capture the home addresses of prospective customers who visit your restaurant’s website but didn’t sign up or order, we have advanced software and tactics to give you exactly that. This also works for situations where prospective customers visit your website to view your menu and leave without ordering. Ask us how to implement our advanced marketing tactics for better response rates.






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