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You know the power of retargeting your website visitors with direct mail.

Now imagine you could follow up your online retargeting efforts with a Direct Mail promo delivered to your online target’s home address within 48 hours. Your message can be personalized with highly relevant content timed to arrive within your target’s decision-making window.

This fully integrated marketing strategy is now a reality — and the results (and ROI) have been amazing.

Retargeting is one of the most effective tools in your toolbox. Response rates for retargeting average at 20% response rate. When you add direct mail, you may see an additional response rate boost of over 30%.

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1. Pixel The Site

By adding a pixel or connecting other Midwest Direct solutions, we match IPs to physical addresses

2. Set Business Rules

We work with you to set the business rules on your site interaction to qualify and segment audiences

3. Match & Serve Media

After a visit to your site, qualified audiences are sent direct mail to the household within 48 hrs. of interaction

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