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Omnichannel Marketing: What You Need to Know

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel Marketing integrates and serves messages in multiple channels like mail, social media, and online display ads. This effectively doubles your marketing power as you improve customer experience while gaining much more relevant data to inform you on your buyer’s behaviors and insights into your customer journeys.

The journey of purchasing is becoming more and more complicated every day for retailers, and customers are expecting it to get easier and easier for them. That being said, the purchasing process has become a nightmare for marketers around the world. While a lot of marketers have adopted multichannel marketing (multiple, disconnected channels for customers to use independently), it has quickly become a tool of the past. Marketers have pushed aside multichannel marketing for the new kid on the block – omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel uses all the same channels of multichannel but has integrated them to create a seamless experience. Omnichannel uses multiple devices and multiple touchpoints to create an interactive, personalized experience for every customer.

Daniel Newman from gives a great example to explain omnichannel marketing:

Suppose you are browsing the website of a fashion retailer on your cell phone. You find a shirt you like, put it in your online cart, get distracted with something else and don’t finish the purchasing process. Fast forward several hours when you’re checking Facebook on your iPad. As you browse through your news feed, you see an ad from the same retailer featuring the same shirt that’s sitting in your online shopping cart. A couple clicks later, and you discover the shirt you selected earlier in the day is still there in your shopping cart. Just as you are ready to checkout, your iPad’s battery dies. You quickly hop onto your laptop, open the website and voila: You are able to finish the purchase.

Omnichannel is a necessary nuance to elevate your game. We have put together some facts to show you what omnichannel marketing can do for you. 


Omnichannel Marketing


If you’re interested in learning about how you can implement omnichannel marketing into your existing campaign visit our digital+post page or contact us and we can help you implement omnichannel marketing for your business. 

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