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Free Data Audit and Data Analysis for Our Partners (And Brunch!)

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Can We Help You Achieve More in 2022?


You didn't take us up on lunch in Q1. How about brunch in Q2?

It may be tough to get motivated to dive in and thoroughly analyze where – and how – to make improvements to your 2022 marketing strategy. There’s nothing like data analysis and proven information to help you make improvement plans or try something new! We’re booking our client strategy sessions now.

As our client, we're offering you:

  • Brunch for you and a friend
  • A professional review of the services you use now and our professional recommendations to help you get more value
  • A discussion regarding how we partner with industry experts; carefully vetting marketing platforms and dynamic technologies to better support your digital marketing and mailing efforts. When you work with us, you have access to the solutions you need to reach your organizational goals

Please accept our offer to buy your brunch and bring our observations of your 2021 projects. We'll also listen to your plans and offer any insights we have to improve your business or offer ideas for you to integrate into your 2022 marketing strategy.

Email Jean Depalma to schedule a time. We’ll send you a $50 gift card for Uber Eats to thank you for your time.

Want to know everything Midwest has to offer?  Contact us to learn more.

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