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2: Are You Ready To Enhance Your Data Beyond Data 101?

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Need to improve your data for better marketing? Listen to Gary Seitz, VP of Data and Analytics, describe how his team has helped accounts do better data management from the most basic requirements through building look-alike prospects for national retailers. This is a real “rubber meets road” approach.

So, you’ve got a list — but is it a good one? Is your current data a mess? Do you have multiple data silos with no good way to match records so you can build a basic RFM (recency, frequency, monetary model)?  Do you have all the demographics you need to create targeted and relevant messages? Are you missing contact information such as home addresses, IP addresses or emails? 

When you’ve moved beyond data 101 and you want to target your audiences with more relevant information in multiple channels, you need the help of a professional data and analytics team to help you to enhance your data, create databases that merge your data silos (such as CRM contact data and sales data, enhance your data with additional demographics to make it more meaningful, clean your data for better messaging in mail, email and online advertising.)

Our team of data experts can help you with data services ranging from such as data management, data warehousing, and data analysis services to targeted list acquisition, data merges and data cleansing. Be sure to ask us about our online dashboards for increased visibility and custom analytic reporting loved by our national franchises, retail accounts, and HIPPA/FICA compliant accounts.

Listen in to enhance your data beyond data 101 with data expert, Gary Seitz. 


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