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38&39: Data Audit Creates Actionable Insights For Major Furniture Retail Partner; Part 1&2

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

In episodes 35 & 36, we interviewed Jean DePalma, Director of CTRAC Direct, on the power of a data audit, offered exclusively to partner clients of CTRAC Direct. In that interview, Jean covered how these partnership reviews can help inform and accelerate your marketing plans. She gave examples of a few partnership reviews she had been a part of but saved this case study as it encompasses one of CTRAC Direct’s most extensive partnerships reviews and is well-deserving of its own podcast. 

When our client, a national furniture retailer, welcomed in a new CMO, they requested a full data audit to get a better understanding of the services CTRAC Direct currently provided to their account, a summary of workflow and processes between CTRAC Direct and their marketing team, and any recommendations or opportunities available to them to further enrich their understanding of the data and marketing strategy.

We sat down with Gary Seitz, VP of CTRAC Direct, and Jean DePalma, Director of CTRAC Direct, to discuss the findings from this audit, how the company benefited, and how a partnership review can help you with analysis to inform and accelerate growth.

Over the course of a 12-year partnership, our service offering evolved from data entry, basic mailings, and post mailing analytics, to creating and maintaining online access with near-live reporting in a relational database with millions of historical customer records. As with most partner clients, this account had continually upgraded their reporting with frequent requests for new custom reports and analysis of the findings. Examples include, “Can you create an automated report process to help us map the three closest stores for this customer particular segment” or “Can you help us create tracking to utilize customer purchasing history to assign a RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) code, and calculate LTV (lifetime value)” allowing our team to be more targeted with messaging. CTRAC Direct empowered this client with full access to all reporting built for them through their private, web-enabled portal. This easy access to business intelligence allowed the retailer to continuously improve their growth and customer acquisition over twelve years moving from a regional to a national retailer. 

Listen to this episode of the Plus Podcast with Gary Seitz and Jean DePalma to learn how our team can help you interpret your data and advise you with actionable insights for your next marketing effort.


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