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Boo We See You! 4 Reasons You Need IP Targeting to Get Seen Online

Written by Michelle Toivonen and Leslie Nienaber

reasons you need IP targeting

This October, what is scarier than ghosts, goblins, or (dare we say it?) breaking your iPhone? How about zero clickthroughs on your content? (EEEEK!)

Your content is the foundation of your brand. You work hard to create compelling messages to tell your company’s story, make products pop, connect with your customers and offer good information related to your products or services as a resource. After all that hard work, you want your content to be seen and shared. Most brands include a broad mix of channels including inbound traffic sources (social media, blogging) and outbound messaging (such as traditional print, billboards or telemarketing). When your print, email or display ads aren’t bringing in enough traffic or the right prospects, you may need a more powerful integration to reach prospects online and create lift in your response rates. Here’s why IP targeting may be the right choice:

Reason #1: Your ads aren’t reaching the right audience.

We know reaching the right audience is critical to the success of your campaign. If online advertising to your demographics isn’t working for your business, it may be time to get more specific—and it doesn’t get more specific than targeting an IP address.

Aside from directly mailing or emailing a contact, it’s difficult to ensure your content is being seen by specific individuals who matter most. IP targeting has been proven successful in boosting website and content views because of its ability to take an ordinary contact list with physical addresses (no email addresses needed!) and match them back to IP addresses. These IP addresses are then used to launch banner advertisements that show up during a contact’s online time at home, on any device at that home. This is especially powerful considering at-home leisure hours are when online shoppers are most likely to make purchasing decisions. Businesses can further customize their IP targeting campaigns by capturing electronic devices, adjusting ad displays by date and time, and even reverse-capturing audiences at large venues, then serving ads to those devices any time. The bottom line is you choose WHO sees your ads online.

Reason #2: Bots are skewing your banner ad metrics.

Have you ever wondered why your online banner advertisements sometimes have amazing CTRs, but your conversion rate remains low? It may be because of bots inflating the metrics. When skewed, these metrics can quickly backfire on marketing teams, affect campaign budgets, and leave everyone scratching their heads as to why clicks are up, but form completions aren’t. Our IP targeting is cookie-free, meaning bots don’t stand a chance at skewing your click rates. Instead, companies get a clear picture of exactly who is engaging with their content by directly following customer conversion from start to finish. With real sales numbers and bot-free metrics, it’s easier to truly determine ROI.

Reason #3: It doesn’t annoy your audience.  

We’ve all experienced remarketing and the annoying effect of ads following you around the internet to the point you’re really sick of seeing it. In 2017, a study of over 80K shoppers exposed to branded social media posts reported that while posts created a 5% lift in the short term, followers were 300% more likely to unfollow over time, and the results indicated sales were cannibalized by the short-term gain. This indicates marketers must use care when choosing how often and how long an audience is exposed to ads. Our IP targeting tool, DigitalPost+, does not use cookies, so there is no annoying following. Your ads appear regularly but not constantly, and you choose the exact audience you want to see the ads—a feature no other kind of online advertising can do. 

Reason #4: Direct Mail Paired with IP Targeting Creates Lift.

Gone are the days when email marketing alone could drive web traffic and sales. Inboxes are becoming more and more inundated with messages, and individuals are getting accustomed to mass deleting emails without giving them a second thought. In turn, research has shown that only 48% of consumers find email to be “believable,” while 87% find direct mail to be believable. When paired with a targeted list and good creative, direct mail is a powerful way to grab attention, and even more effective when paired with IP targeting. By coordinating banner ads and direct mail pieces to show up in a person’s home, overall visibility of ads increases, along with a customer’s likeliness to act on them.

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