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23: Why You Should Add Social Media Ads to Your Next Mailing

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

It’s tough to get business closed in any channel these days. Did you know most conversions happen between the 8th and 12th marketing touch? By definition, if you’re serious about conversions, you need to plan campaigns with upwards of 15 touches. The best — and easiest— way to do that is by adding channels to your campaign. If your marketing team would be overwhelmed with a campaign with mail and social media channels spread out over 30-60 days, we have great news! You can do exactly that with very little additional effort using our digital+post tool. 

When you ask to add digital+post to your next campaign, we help you greatly extend your marketing reach by adding Facebook and Instagram ads to the feeds of the people already on your mailing list. It’s easy to do and has proven to boost campaign results by 20%. For most marketers, proven results mean, trackable conversions, ROI, and improved sales.  

Here’s what you need to know to add social media advertising:

  • We use the names on your mailing list and match to their Facebook/Instagram accounts
  • We begin serving them ads before your mail hits which familiarize people from your list with your brand, increasing the impact of your printed ads when they arrive in the home
  • We continue to serve them social ads for 14 days, greatly extending the time your brand and/or offer is in front of your target audience
  • Your mailing will generate thousands of additional social impressions when you show your audience online ads, even if they’ve never been to your site!
  • Because of the way people act on social media, they may share your information with their connections, helping you attract additional audience members 
  • We add a social media tracking pixel to your website before the campaign. This allows us to serve social media ads to ANYONE who visits your site during your campaign. Again, this increases your reach beyond your original list. And, since 26% of people retargeted by online ads convert, you’re improving your odds for conversions.

Ready to get started adding channels, views, and touchpoints to your next mailing?

Get started in three SIMPLE steps: 

  1. Develop your mailpiece, social media ads, and mailing list (We can help!)
  2. Connect your website to our social serving dashboard (we can help!)
  3. Upload your list and ads to your private digital+post dashboard

Listen to this week's episode of The Plus Podcast or contact us today for more information on how to add social media advertising to your next mailing.

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