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Is the Mail Getting Slower? - An Article From The New York Times

Written by Midwest Direct

Emily Badger, Quoctrung Bui and Margot Sanger-Katz from The New York Times write about the unusual delays First-Class Mailers are facing in the article Is the Mail Getting Slower? Our Tracker Says Yes. In this article, Badger, Bui, and Sanger-Katz write on how new policies aimed at making the Postal Service more efficient may be slowing mail down slightly. 

"Unusual mail delays have persisted into September, according to data on about 54,000 pieces a day of first-class mail tracked in a continuing project by The Upshot. Delivery of the mail began to slow in July, with the start of new policies aimed at making the Postal Service more efficient.” [The article shares data collected by Snailworks.]

“'While it doesn’t show everything is wonderful, it shows everything is at least OK,' said Dave Lewis, the president of SnailWorks, which tracks commercial mail for businesses, nonprofits and political campaigns from both parties." 


We know getting your mail out on time is incredibly important, which is why we employ mail and data tracking specialists that can help. Contact us today to ensure your mail gets to the right place in a timely fashion, even with these delays. 

Learn more about the minor delays in First-Class Mail and how Midwest Direct is prepared to help you overcome these challenges.


Is the Mail Getting Slower? Our Tracker Says Yes


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