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Should I Use SMS Text Messaging to Advertise?

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

How to Use digital + post for SMS Text Messaging In Your Direct Marketing Campaign


Should you use SMS text messaging to advertise? What if you could quickly open up that channel as a way for your audience to reach your organization?

Inbound calls or texts can be one of the most effective ways to communicate -- especially when targeting audiences under the age of 45! If you haven’t already added SMS text messaging to your direct marketing campaigns, we can get you started. You don’t have to change a single thing to start capturing all your calls and text messages for your next direct mail marketing efforts. If you're a bit behind and have not adopted this method of communicating, we can help you get started.

Here's why you need to add SMS messaging and call tracking to your marketing plan now:

  • There's been a distinct uptick in digital engagement over the last couple of years, and the trend continues upward
  • 86% of consumers expect to maintain or increase levels of digital engagement over the next 6-12 mos.
  • This is an EXCELLENT method to acquire first-party data opt-in

Ask us how to set up a Digital +Post campaign that comes with a phone number that automatically sends text messages or calls directly into your business. (If you want to choose a number you own, you can.) You don’t have to change a single thing to start capturing all your calls and text messages for your direct marketing efforts!

Our system records and tracks the data from each call through our software as the call or text message comes in.

You can see everything via your digital + post dashboard. You'll know exactly how many calls are generated from each campaign and listen to the recordings for quality control. This helps you determine how well your campaign is performing and make improvements where needed. If you want to improve performance, you'll know whether to begin with the campaign itself or to address what is (or is not) happening in the customer service department!

You're this close to making it A LOT easier for folks to do business with you!

Get More Business Using Call & Text Messaging with Midwest Direct.

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