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We Offer More for Your Political Campaign

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Repetition is the key. 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact and in this case, a vote is a sale. 

Omnichannel Marketing is the key. 

We designed digital+post to help marketers actualize great response rates and ROI by integrating additional channels with their marketing mail. Midwest Direct Political Power Up is an omnichannel marketing solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail while enhancing the overall results through cross-channel promotion on digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. 

What Is Included?

Political Power Up is more powerful than our normal digital+post offerings. It offers 9 unique omnichannel services that will help you win your election. 

Social Match

SocialMatch pre-matched your mailing list to Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Your target market will not only receive the mailing but will be delivered the SAME message in their social media newsfeed before, during and after the mail reaches their mailbox.

Mail Tracking

Track your mail just like you track your packages! Now you have full visibility on when your mail is projected to reach mailboxes and confirmation of when your mail is delivered. Remove the guesswork from the mail process and trigger other marketing channels based on mail delivery. 

Informed Delivery® 

With nearly 20 million people signed up for USPS Informed Delivery®, this is a very valuable channel. This USPS feature allows recipients to see a digital preview of their scheduled mail. The digital preview includes a grayscale image of the mailpiece arriving in the mail that day, along with a full-color ride along ad – giving you another opportunity to drive campaign conversions. 

Call Tracking

Get live updates and recordings of every call received from your direct mail campaign. View full demographic information on your callers including name, address, caller id, location, device type, age, gender and more. 

Social Media Advertising

Did you know that 90% of people who are interested will go to your website to learn more? Take your online exposure even further with social media follow-up! Show ads to your unique website visitors in their profile newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram. 

District Targeting

District Targeting is a geographical target of people that are within your voting district on both Google and Social Media. We segment target audiences by identifying the highest probable voters. Targeting parameters include congressional district codes for any specific region (i.e. FL-14), age, and gender. 

Gmail Campaign 

Gmail campaign ads appear in the Promotions tab in the user’s Gmail inbox. Once any part of the ad is clicked, it opens the full email ad. Expanded, the ad looks just like a typical email with a subject line, engaging media, the option to forward the message, save the message and more. 

YouTube Ads

Display video ads right before or while your prospective voters watch the newest video from their favorite YouTube channel. This is a perfect way to gather additional impressions and get your message across!


Never guess again how effective your direct mail campaign was. LeadMatch enables you to track and record all website visitors that came as a result of your mailing and see what actions they took, AND mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list! 

An Important Note

Midwest Direct Political Power Up is not a replacement for your current digital marketing strategy. In fact, we encourage you to continue with your existing digital campaigns. Political Power Up is a MAIL CENTRIC product that utilizes digital platforms to create an omnichannel marketing experience for the maximum impact of your direct mail campaign. If you need help with your overall marketing strategy, our team of strategic marketing experts can help you break through your toughest political marketing challenges. We offer data analysis through strategic planning for deeper channel integration.

Get Started

Revolutionize your mail and get your political campaign seen by everyone, everywhere with Midwest Direct Political Power Up. Download the Political Powerup info sheet to learn more about this powerful dashboard, or call today to get started. 

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