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How to Save Money and Improve ROI with Your Next Mailing

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing


Want to save on postage and improve ROI with your next mailing? Here’s a quick overview of some of the best methods. Start by improving your potential ROI and check for potential additional savings.

Pump Up Your ROI

We all know how hard it is to get improved ROI in any marketing channel these days.  However, studies have shown that direct mail is generally experiencing a 3-5% response rate. Add integrated messaging in additional channels and you can expect even greater lift. Ask us about adding these services to your next mailing to bump up response rates and ROI:

Mail Triggered Emails

Precatalog letter

Want to email your current clients to let them know they’re about to receive an important message from you? We can add your email addresses to our integrated mail & email platform to email your mail recipients. The email(s) can be timed to arrive around the mail delivery. As you can build it to be triggered before or after the mail is delivered to the home, your messaging can act as a prompt for readers to send them to the mailbox for the mail and include a link in case they refer back to email later.  You can use time-triggered email as a second chance to capture their attention in another channel. Here’s how it would look:

Sample Mail-Triggered Email

“We’ve got a special offer for you in your mail today! Take advantage of the offer at your local store or buy online now…”

Sample Follow Up Mail-triggered Email

“Did you miss it? Time’s running out. Use the offer at arrived by mail two days ago or buy online now…”

Informed Delivery

ID Multi-Channel

Want to legally reach recipients not currently opted in for your email? We have an email channel that is open for you to reach prospects with  -- and that is fully compliant with all CANN/SPAM laws. Whether you’re sending first class or marketing mail, you can add your images and clickable links to the USPS Daily Informed Delivery Email sent to recipient’s who have opted-in (currently over 14 million households). This is an excellent way to add your message into email -- even if you don’t yet have their email address. See sample emails and read more here.

Targeted Display Ads


Did you know that if you have a recipient’s mailing address, you can place display ads on their devices based on your timeline -- not based on their searches or cookie tracking technology? We accomplish this by matching their address to the IP address then serving ads to them whenever they visit a website serving ads via the ad exchange (like news or sports sites or in app advertisements.)  So, the ads appear and feel like Google Ads to your viewers, but because this technology doesn’t use cookies, it is not open to ad fraud. You set your ad budget and timeline, the rest is fully automated. Access your dashboard for near-live time reporting on response rates at the individual level. Targeted display ads are a new favorite for savvy mailers!

Save on Mailing

There are methods your organization can adopt today to save postage fees when you mail. Ask us if your mail meets the right qualifications (such as class and volumes), to switch from first class to marketing mail or to commingle your mail. Adopting our recommendations for mail piece design changes can also bring savings. Get started by reading the information below, then contact us and ask about our mail piece design recommendations and commingling services.

Move Your Mail from First Class to Marketing Mail (aka Standard Mail)

If your mail qualifies to be classified as Marketing Mail, you can save a bundle.  The USPS has established specific requirements to ensure your piece is eligible. There is more to consider than just pricing. You’ll want to think about timelines, delivery areas and mailpiece design. Check out the USPS description (and decision tree) here or contact us for guidance on your decision to move to Marketing Mail.

Start Commingling Your Mail

This may be the easiest method to save on your next mailing. Yes, your mail must qualify to be commingled (ask us about those qualifications) and meet minimums, but that’s as easy as picking up the phone or sending us an email to ask. If you choose to commingle your mail with us, we’ll pick it up, sort it by zip code, tag and sleeve it according to USPS regulations, then drop your mail deep into the mailstream so it arrives faster and with accurate addressing. Most of our commingling clients ask us to pick up their mail via our mailing service fleet of vehicles serving region on their daily routes.  

How much money could you save by commingling? A smaller commingling client may save a few hundred, to a few thousand, dollars a year. They also realize additional savings in time by eliminating trips to the post office. Larger commingling clients often save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Improve Your Mail Piece Design

There’s usually room for improvement when it comes to design. Unfortunately, your design team may dive into the design process without consulting a professional mailing services provider (MSP) first.  This can cause a lot of heartache when your team realizes late in the project that the style of mailer, envelope size or color, weight may significantly affect your postage and deliverability. Always consult with your MSP before you begin to design -- and we’ll make that easy for you -- contact us anytime and say, “ I want to make sure my design is the best possible method for my budget and outreach plans.”

Ready to save on mailing and improve your ROI? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you actualize greater savings and pave the way to a better ROI with your next mailing.

Read the Full Simplay3 Case Study in our Informed Delivery Booklet

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