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How B2b Geo-Targeting Marketing Just Got Interesting

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

While we don’t know the full effects that “working from home” will have on B2b marketing, we know that there is an immediate effect now. Your audience has moved locations from the office to their home and that changes the channels where you can reach them NOW. 

This article outlines how you can reach your B2b audience at home using geo-targeting techniques to advertise to them with online ads and how to find business targets at home for more online targeting. So, no excuses, let’s get some B2b results from home!

3 Steps to Market to B2b Prospects at Home


1. Build a Geo-Targeted B2b List and Target them at Home

This method is great for prospecting business audiences that you must target normally in the office but now must find at home.

Round up the following information: Job titles relevant to your target audience, any relevant geo-locations such as a region you’re targeting (local, territory, national, etc.) then think through how many prospects you’ll target and add about 30% (more on that later). 

Work with a data and list acquisition professional such as CTRACDirect and ask them to search CONSUMER list databases for your targets. Once you have your list, we can match their home address to their IP address and serve them ads on their home devices while they’re working from home! The match rate generally falls between 30-60%, so if you need to target 5000 addresses, consider a list of between 6500 and 8,000 addresses to begin. 

In the past, B2b marketers were hesitant to target their audience at home. Now, it’s appropriate to target them there as that is where they are conducting business.


  • You’ve built a B2b prospect list that empowers you to market in the home.
  • You’ve added IP address targeting to your toolbox.
  • You’ve captured served ads to your targets at home on their desktops, laptops and phones.


2. Use their Previous Business Location, Follow Them Home and Serve Them Online Ads

This method is a great ABM strategy (account-based marketing). If you know the location of your target audience’s business location, we can help you capture the mobile device IDs active there for up to the last 12 months, then follow those devices to their individual HOME IP address and target those devices with online ads at home. 


  • You captured people who worked in a specific location and advertised to them online at home - a great ABM strategy for the “work from home” audience.


3. Add a Pixel and Fill Your Funnel

This powerful tool lets you close the gap from prosecuting, through the discovery phase to hand off a relevant lead to your sales team. Ask us for the tracking pixel and when your targets visit your site, we can retarget them with BOTH ads and personalized direct mail from you. This tactic is proven to regularly boost conversion rates by 20%. 


  • You’ll know exactly how many of the list targets visited your site — whether they clicked on your online ads or not. 
  • You added potentially two new touchpoints — a follow up retargeting ad and a piece of direct mail delivered to them personally at their home. 


For more information on how to target your B2b audience at home, contact us now!


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