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5: Gain Visibility Into Your Mail Delivery and Tracking

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

As a communications delivery company, we know how important it is for you to know when your messages have been delivered and what the response rates are. Most marketers are familiar with tracking email sends and engagements. Did you know you can have the same kind of visibility into your mail tracking using Informed Visibility? There’s so much information available today concerning delivery, opens and engagement. We distill that information down to the level you need to run your business. Our clients use our dashboards to track mail delivery to appropriately gear up sales centers, call centers and to effectively tie back mail response rates with in-store and online sales conversions. Better visibility into your mail will equal better insight into your business.

How does USPS Informed Visibility tracking work?

It starts with your list and an intelligent mail barcode (IMB barcode). When processing your data, we assign a unique IMB code to every piece of mail. As your mail moves through the delivery chain, the IMB barcode is scanned generating near real-time reporting of your mail delivery down to the individual level. The reports can contain information such as individual pieces or groups; such as geographic regions with mail that has not yet been delivered. Most clients are equally as interested in areas with outstanding mail and areas where mail delivery is complete. Ask us for more information if you’re interested in tracking your mail more closely.

Classes of Mail with Tracking Available:

Marketing Mail

Use our full dashboard view with near real-time tracking and reporting on mail delivery. You can integrate additional channels with emails and online ads delivered to your recipients through our system and tie online responses to the mail for a lift in response rates and better insight into your customer’s behavior.

First Class Mail

Basic tracking available with the IMB code. Ask us for reports on all your first-class mail scans for delivery and the logistics and delivery timing we can add-in for you. 

Certified Mail

We help clients streamline their Certified Mail process. Rather than completing USPS green cards when they send Certified Mail, our clients can directly access the USPS Certified Mail electronic Certified Mail solution. We can maintain archives for you for up to seven years on your behalf to facilitate the recovery of information. Our online solution is an easier and more organized way to access the USPS Certified Mail program. 

Return Mail

When used correctly, Return Mail can help you identify about 8% the correct address with National Change of Address (NCOA). Beyond that, we can append address information using our data services department for list hygiene.

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