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Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Mail

Written by Charlie Brock Marketing Intern

What is Marketing Mail? 

Marketing Mail is a class of USPS mail that is used for promotional advertising such as advertisements, flyers, newsletters, merchandise, or small parcels. It is not personal or confidential. While First Class mail offers a guaranteed delivery time, free automatic returns, and mail forwarding, Marketing mail is more cost-efficient and frequently used to send marketing material. 



Mail classes can sometimes be intimidating to new mailers, especially when new technology is constantly being introduced and regulations are always changing. If you are confused about what Marketing mail is, the differences between Marketing mail and other classes of mail, or the benefits of Marketing mail for both new and established mailers, use our Beginner’s Guide to Marketing mail to get started!

Is Marketing mail the same as Standard mail? 

In a word, yes. In 2016, the USPS announced that Standard Mail would be rebranded as USPS Marketing mail as a way to promote direct mail as an essential part of a marketing campaign.  

What are the main differences between First Class and Marketing mail? 

The primary differences between First Class and Marketing mail are price, speed of delivery, as well as options for mail forwarding and returns on mail with outdated addresses. If you are planning on sending out time-sensitive or personal information, First Class mail may be your best choice and is required for any invoices, credit cards, and other personalized correspondence. First Class mail is typically delivered in 2-4 business days. Marketing mail does not have a guaranteed delivery time, although many resources estimate an average of under 5 business days locally and up to 13 days nationally. Additionally, Marketing mail does not offer free automatic returns and mail forwarding. All other factors aside, Marketing mail is around 32% less than the price of First Class mail and is a cost-efficient choice if your business can work with extended delivery schedules and is focused on saving money.

When should I use Marketing mail?

The USPS explains that Marketing mail is typically used for advertising and fliers, making it ideal for many direct mail campaigns. Store openings, special events, coupons, sales, and any generalized marketing message can be sent as Marketing mail for a cost-effective way to reach your audience. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Marketing mail?

The main issue to consider with Marketing mail is the possible timeline extension due to the fact that the USPS delivers it on a “time available” basis. The delivery times for Marketing mail are especially difficult to predict during peak mailing season from Thanksgiving to New Years since it’s lower on the priority list than First Class mail. However, when it comes to big savings and ease with large batch mailings, Marketing mail is a winner. 

What are the requirements for Marketing mail?

The full list of requirements can be found here.

  • Minimum weight: None
  • Flats maximum weight: 16 oz.
  • Letter maximum weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Minimum quantity for commingle pricing: 200 pieces
  • Presort savings & requirements: Must be grouped by zip code, NCOA updated and CASS certified. Savings range from 32%-68%. *There is no single piece Marketing mail rate


If you still feel stuck and have questions, or are ready to start saving time and money on your mailings, contact us today to get started. Our mail professionals are here to help you make the right mail choice.

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