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Election Ballots Custom Created, Produced and Delivered

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Your Election Ballots are critical to the success of your next election. You need a vendor you can trust to help you create, produce and deliver high quality, accurate ballots. So far in 2020, we have worked with counties to produce over 5 million ballots with more to come for the upcoming elections. Our Election Ballot services include, In House Absentee Ballots, Absentee Vote by Mail, Blank Stock Ballot On-Demand, Full Color, and Monochrome Ballots, Ballot Printing, Ballot Inserting and anything else you may need for your election season. 

If you have worked with Midwest Direct on any job, you know our in-house production team puts 100% into every job. We can offer full layout and design capabilities, PDF proofing for approval, full color and monochrome digital presses, inline perfing for speed and accuracy, secure facility and redundant servers, your own dedicated CSR to ensure continuity and accuracy, variable print for any specific data, and much more. 

To show you how it really works, read on for a walkthrough of our production of Absentee Vote by Mail Ballots at Midwest Direct. 


How We Produce Absentee Vote by Mail Ballots

Before we print, send us your ballot styles and precinct information. Midwest Direct can provide all materials needed for the Absentee Vote by Mail process including envelopes, inserts, and ballots. We are set up to variably print your envelopes to include any data specific to the county. We provide proofs of your ballot styles and layouts of all the information printed on the identification envelopes. 

When supplying the county voter mailing file, you have a few options: You can supply the file to us daily for print, preparation, and mailing; or if your quantities are small, you can group several days together and choose to mail all at once.

Once we have received the voter mailing file, our data team processes it for the corresponding, pre-approved, ballot styles and to comply with USPS regulations. From there, a ballot, insert and envelope print file is generated and sent to our print room to be printed. 

Once the ballots, inserts, and envelopes are printed, they are sent to our print mail production department to be folded and inserted to create the final mailing packet. All inserting is done mechanically using camera verification equipment to ensure every voter receives the correct ballot and provides you with accurate, secure, and high-quality production every step of the way. 

The final Absentee Vote by Mail packets are delivered directly to the USPS and accepted into the mail stream and sent to each recipient. Once everything has been mailed, we return your file to you as a record of what we received, produced, and mailed from that file. 


Get Started With Accurate Election Ballots

With our election experience, we can guarantee accuracy, security, and flexibility to fulfill all your election needs.

Visit our landing page to learn more about Midwest becoming your 2020 election partner or contact us today to get started!


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