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Choosing a Presort Mailing Service

Written by Midwest Direct

How to Choose a Presort Mailer 

  • Size
  • Capabilities
  • One stop-shopping
  • Integrity is everything
  • Service
  • Sortation
  • Security

“Hi there Mr. Customer,

Can we come get your mail, sort it, mail it faster and ship it as close to the final destination as possible, ensure you meet all postal regulations, and save you a lot of money?”

Presorting mail sells itself, once customers understand the presort mailing process.

But ... there are big differences in presort mail houses, and you can get burned by going with a less-than-reputable outfit. Here are a few tips to keep top of mind when screening a presort mailing service:

Size: Three mail sorters may not be enough to process your job properly; but, 30 mail sorters means you may get lost in the shuffle. If possible, take a plant tour and see for yourself the operation and team that will be managing your mailing.

Capabilities:  Can your mail presorter handle all types and sizes of mail? What's the minimum and maximum volume per mailing? How many facilities does your mailer operate?

One stop-shopping:  Is there a lettershop on-premise? A printing facility? A data team?

Do you need help with mail piece design?  What about copywriting, or logistics, or warehouse services?  A comprehensive services provider may or may not be important to you.

Integrity is everything:  How many years has your presort mail vendor been in service? How many employees are on staff?  Mail is incredibly complex, and the USPS can be quite unforgiving, so absolutely ask about the experience of your team!

Pickups and mail drops: Will your presort mailer come get your mail at your convenience, and does it offer you multiple mail drops during the week? Does your vendor offer 24-hour service?

Service:  A flexible vendor always attempts to say yes, and works to find you a solution. We are talking about a nimble problem solver and industry partner, not an order taker.

Sortation:  Remember the goal of presorting mail is to achieve maximum postal discounts through a 5-digit sortation. Experienced operations managers and scheme writers can really maximize sortation efforts for the greatest possible discounts.

Security:   A good presort mailing service conducts background checks and drug screens before allowing drivers and mail processors to handle your mail.  Cameras and locked/restricted areas should add layers of security to your mailings.

Data solutions:  Data hygiene, list scrubbing and procurement, address changes, intelligent mail barcode application ... this is why we talk about the importance of an actual, experienced team who does nothing but managers your mailing data

Again, our best advice is to take a facilities tour, if possible. Check references, and inquire about the depth of your presort mailing service team. It pays to do some homework and due diligence upfront, so your mailings go out on time, on budget, and most importantly - penalty-free.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility and discover if Midwest Direct is the right fit as your Presort Mail Service Provider. 

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