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Capture and Keep Tradeshow Leads

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Targeted Display Ads -- a New IP Targeting Technology

We all want the connections and leads that come with attending the event.  However, there’s nothing worse than spending money and time on a show only to leave with a small number of Tradeshow leads -- or a whole lot of Tradeshow leads that just wanted your personal fan with a USB charger!  When it comes to trade shows, we all worry about these 3 things:

  • How will I reach my new connections after the show? 
  • How will I  connect again with those who were most engaged with us?
  • Can I capture leads from shows I can't attend?

Targeted Display allows you to capture device IDs (mobile phones, laptops) at the show, the hotels, even nearby restaurants. After capturing the device, we then tie those device IDs to their home IP addresses. Now you can serve your ads to show attendees on the floor, hotel, anywhere you think they’ll be hanging out on the Wi-Fi. After the show, you can continue to nurture attendees with online ads and/or print when they are at home. And you can do all this without getting permission or paying extra to the show producers!

Contact us With the Date and Location of Your Show

We’ll help you determine whether Targeted Display Venue Capture is a good option for you.  If you're ready to roll, we'll help you implement the right tactics to get the best lead capture performance with your audience.

Serve Online Ads & Capture Their Device IDs for Future Ads!

Use Targeted Display to capture your audience and serve online ads at the trade show and hotels. If you know other venues that will pull your audience, we can throw our virtual net over those as well. To get started, we just need to know the date and address of the event and the venue(s) location.

We’ll Follow Them Home and Send Online Ads and/or Direct Mail to their Home Address!

Using Targeted Display Direct Mail and display ads we’ll reach them at home after the show on their desktops, mobile devices -- we can even send print to their home address.

Capture Leads at Shows You Can’t Attend -- or that Have Already Happened!

Have you ever seen an ad for a tradeshow and wished you could get in front of that audience, but can’t afford to exhibit or just can’t make the show? Even worse, you stumble upon a great show that already happened?  With Targeted Display Venue Capture, you can capture the devices logged onto any Wi-Fi for up to the previous six months. You give us the dates and venues, and we’ll capture the devices and help you to advertise to those attendees at home with online ads and/or direct mail.

We’re Different.

If you think you already know IP Targeting, learn how Targeted Display Ads are different from most of what is on the market today. Here’s how:

We use geoframing -- not geofencing.

This goes beyond semantics.  Geoframing is better than geo-fencing because:

  • Your audience doesn’t have to opt-in to see your ad, they just need to go to a site or an app on the ad exchange that serves ads, like news, sports, shopping or social media.
  • We can be much more targeted than our competitors: we can narrow the area receiving your ads down to the square meter. Geo-fencing uses cell towers to triangulate and you get everything in that space -- whether you want it or not. We use geo-framing to target down to the square meter -- keeping your ROI stronger as we get less “unwanted” devices.
  • We can serve your ads to leads at your venue in real time, later when they get home -- even go back in time to capture leads previously at your venue and serve them ads.  Geo-fencing can only do real-time ad serves, and it requires an opt-in from viewers to get ads at home later.
  • No beacons. We don't use hardware, so there's no install time, etc.

Get Results!

We’ve got a lot of experience with this new technology and have found a few tricks of the trade you may want to consider:

  1. The best times to capture lookers may be different than the show times. Just think about how you behave at a show. Do you log onto your laptop or phone early and late to view sites like news or social media? We can parse your ad serve times accordingly.
  2. Venue Wi-Fi’s can be weak or spotty.  We will help you think strategically to include hotels/restaurants/hot spots where you know attendees will log on for your best return.
  3. We only need your audience to see the ad to track their device --no click-through required. So consider your show ad as a brand exposure piece to promote your organization during the show. You can serve them serve them a serious offer later at home with a display ad and/or print to reel them in.

Contact us today for more information about capturing and keeping valuable trade show audiences.

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