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Business Mail vs. Bulk Mail

Written by Midwest Direct

Like so many mailing industry insider terms, business mail and bulk mail are used frequently … and frequently used together. And sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, though that’s not technically accurate.

Here’s a quick primer to get you started on the path to understanding (and preparing) bulk business class mailings.

What is business mail?

Business mail is used to describe a whole host of business-class mailing and shipping services.  Business mail is segmented by classes, and one of the most common classes is “bulk mail,” which typically mails as First Class and Standard Class.

Why use bulk business mail?

The easy answer is bulk mailing prices offer significant savings over single-piece prices. Postage savings is an untapped resource for many companies, who are regularly leaving postage money on the table.

How do I start preparing and shipping bulk mailings?

Navigating the USPS and putting together a mailing can seem intimidating, but you can learn to prepare your own business mailings if you are willing to put in some leg work. Preparing your mail, securing permits, paying annual fees, and purchasing presorting equipment and software are all part of the DIY mail preparation process.  

You can always pass the ball off to a presort and commingling specialist, like Midwest Direct. Whether you tackle your own mailings or use a mailing services specialist, it’s a good idea to get educated on some business mail and bulk mail basics.


The good news: The USPS is a fantastic resource just a click away. We recommend spending some time in the Business Mail 101 section, a website introducing customers to business mail. The USPS put the site together in the order of the steps you’ll go through if you prepare a mailing.

Business Mail 101 reviews everything from qualifying for commercial prices, to understanding postage, to mail piece design.

A second USPS site worth checking out is the USPS’s business portal. This is a sharply designed, comprehensive site offering visitors help with:

  • calculating a business price
  • every door direct mail
  • shipping for business
  • advertising with mail
  • postage options
  • return services
  • taking your business global
  • managing business mail

 The USPS puts enormous time and energy into preparing resources for business mailers.  We encourage you to take advantage and brush up on some business mail basics. If you're still feeling overwhelmed, contact us and we can help figure out what mailing type and class is right for you. 

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