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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Print?

Written by Charlie Brock Marketing Intern

At Midwest Direct, we have the team to get your mail projects out the door and to your clients quickly and with as few touchpoints as possible. If your mailings have gotten too complicated or time-consuming to do in house it may be time to hand them off to a production facility like Midwest. We can take your mailing from list through print, assembly, and off to the USPS all in one place. We are staffed with postal specialists, so we can ensure your mail is meeting postal specifications every step of the way. Your variable marketing materials and business documents are simultaneously printed inline, increasing production efficiency while eliminating pre-printing, insertion costs, stock-storage fees, and paper waste.

Here are some reasons to consider Midwest Direct to get the most out of your print and mail projects:

We Can Save You Time and Money

Your print/mail provider should save you time, trouble, and have a positive impact on your costs. Midwest Direct will print and mail your project, saving you the transition between printing and mailing companies - getting your mail project to your clients much quicker. 

We are always updating equipment to make sure we can offer the best quality, security, efficiency, and cost to our clients. When you choose to combine our print and mail services, our team will print and process your marketing messages in one efficient, streamlined process - ensuring your audience receives timely, high-quality messages customized for them. 

We Give You Quality

Our production team will provide the best quality every step of the way, especially when it comes to personalization. We specialize in short-run, highly targeted print, and personalized print among other print capabilities. We offer variable data and art so that companies can make unique offers to different people all through one print job. 

Our Canon ColorStream® 3900 features inkjet DigiDot technology that produces consistently crisp, pixel-precise registration, with the perceived output of up to 1200 dpi. This is full color and high speed. This high-speed press prints full-color duplex prints and allows us to print multiple jobs at once.  

We Give You Options

For any size print projects, you can use us for full color or black only projects with or without personalized print. We also have a selection of papers available that allow you to make the best decision for your individual mail projects. 

Our finishing options include perfing and binding with options such as stitching, padding, and self-contained covers. We can take on complex mail projects. If your mailing needs complex versioning or inserting, we handle it and keep you within postal regulations.    

We Get Results

A myriad of studies prove that direct mail communications are better remembered than electronic ones. According to Two Sides North America, 79% of U.S. consumers preferred physical mail pieces rather than digital. 

 And since the human brain engages more with physical mail pieces rather than digital ones, your recipients are more likely to remember your mail. The brain reacts differently when people see and touch physical things, helping them remember what they read and engage in the material. 


Download our Print Mail Production sell sheet or contact us before your next print/mail project and learn more about printing with Midwest Direct.

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