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Digital printing: Connect with Variable Data Printing

Written by Midwest Direct

You know when you get a mail piece addressed to “Current Resident,” and you instantly move the piece - both mentally and literally - over to the junk pile?

The simple secret to avoiding the junk pile and connecting with customers is personalization. And a great vehicle for forging those connections is variable data printing (VPD).

In a nutshell, VDP is mass-producing customized documents using digital printing technology. Instead of printing the same boilerplate messages, digital printers can get very specific with individualized messaging and designs ... turning buyers' private data into emotional triggers.

Additional reasons for using variable data printing in your digital print marketing include:

  • Personalized communications consistently show a higher return on investment
  • Increased engagement, making it easier for consumers to decide and to buy
  • Companies have increasingly great data management - so why not put it to work!
  • Options to use color and imagery, improving response rates and strengthening calls to action
  • Better ability to track direct mail campaign results using barcodes and ID numbers
  • Inserting variable reply contact information based on your locations, or on the recipient's convenience.

Digital printing adds power and impact to print marketing materials, and VDP is the icing on the cake.

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