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Feed the Beast! Commingling and Machine Addition Helps Client Grow

Written by Midwest Direct

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When our clients grow, we grow with them.

In 2013, Dan Loughney of InnerWorkings sought out Midwest Direct’s help to send out 200,000 postcards with multiple weekly drops for one of his clients. After several months of never missing a mail date, as well as unbeatable postage discounts offered through commingling the mail, Loughney’s client decided to take it to the next level by requesting to add snap packs into the mix.

Midwest wanted to aid Loughney in his client’s growth, but it required adding a new piece of equipment to produce the snap packs.

“Midwest really went the extra mile once they acquired the machine to support our snap packs,” said Dan Loughney. “Not only did they invest in new innovation, they also kept prices low as we worked together during the testing phase. My client’s business exploded after we had everything up and running.”

What started as a small project turned into a four-year partnership that matched each new level of growth with the dedicated support and additional cost savings it needed to be successful.

“We certainly had a great partnership, and Midwest really separated itself from the pack when things went sideways – they always were open and forthcoming, and they always provided equitable solutions.”

Our Moore PS-4 Turbo machine is hungry for new projects! Can you feed this beast of a machine? Contact us to get started.  

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