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Customers Love Our Detached Mail Unit (DMU)...

Written by Midwest Direct

… Even though many of them have never seen it, and may not even realize it exists.

A DMU is the technical name for an onsite USPS office, and having one right in the middle of our mail processing operation is an absolute win-win for all parties involved: Midwest, our customers, and the USPS and its employees.

It’s a privilege to gain USPS plant-load status, allowing Midwest to host a US Postal Service office on-site and at-the-ready to help further our customers’ needs.

Hosting a DMU means your mailings undergo inspection and approval right here, at Midwest!

What’s the big deal? Most mailers load up their trucks and drive to a USPS facility for inspection. Drivers navigate traffic, and then a crowded loading dock, as they jockey for a spot in line.

If something is wrong with the mailing, the truck is loaded back up, and back to the processing plant goes the driver - carrying your mailing along for the entire ride. It’s a potential logistics nightmare.

But with an on-premise DMU, a strong relationship develops between the postal specialists and the mailing service operations team. We’re working together with our dedicated postal pros to fix and prevent problems, through wide-open lines of communication.

The bottom line for customers: Oversight of your mail preparation, and faster turnaround times for your presorted and commingled mailings.

Who gets a DMU?  High-volume mailers “are authorized if they benefit the USPS.” Mailers doing several hundred thousand pieces a day, minimum, can apply.

Here we see one of our operations supervisors Dave Manista outside of Midwest’s DMU, inspecting a mailing before it’s shipped out.

commingled mailing inspection DMU

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