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Celebrating 38 Years!

Written by Midwest Direct

Midwest Direct turns 38 this month! 

Midwest Direct was founded in 1982 as a provider of mail presorting operations. Back then, employees did it the hard way, standing in front of cubbyholes and manually hand-sorting the mail by ZIP code which you can see in the view below. Today, our technology has advanced to the point where just one of our machines can sort up to 50,000 pieces per hour!

Today, Midwest Direct helps our clients efficiently create and deliver their print, mail, and digital messages with the best audience data for targeted and accurate deliverability.  When you add in our additional delivery channels, such as email, Informed Delivery, and online advertising, we average over two million messages a day delivered to mailboxes, inboxes, and online.

Midwest Direct is so excited to be celebrating our 38th year in business, helping our clients create and deliver their messages. To celebrate the anniversary, we have been sharing some #FlashBackFriday photos on our social media channels, with more to come. If you have photos you would like to share with us, please direct message us on any of our social media channels or email Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see these photos and get the most up to date information from Midwest Direct. 



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