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USPS Announces Price Increase Effective January 2020

Written by Michelle Toivonen

Friday, December 20, 2019 — The PRC has issued its final order to approve the USPS First-Class Mail price changes, as revised by the USPS. The price changes will be coming into effect on January 26, 2020. They have also approved the 2020 USPS promotions. View the full PRC order here

Download the 2020 USPS Postal Rates and Fees Book

The following information has been provided by the National Association of Presort Mailers.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 — The USPS late yesterday filed its revised First-Class Mail prices at the PRC, in response to the PRC’s remand which said the FCM prices exceeded the CPI cap, largely due to proposed increases for FCM Inbound Letter Post. In its revised prices, the USPS changes only one thing – it reduces the price for FCM 5-digit Presort Letters to $0.389 (original proposed price was $0.391).  The USPS goes on in its response, however, to adamantly oppose the grounds for the PRC’s remand, and asks it to reconsider its FCM cap calculation. The USPS provides additional data in defense of its original filing. 

The USPS also in its response includes a section where it offers up some additional explanation for its proposed prices, something that NAPM and others had commented was lacking in its original proposal. 

Lastly, the USPS urges the PRC to rule on its revised FCM pricing no later than December 12, 2019, in order to keep with the planned implementation date of January 26, 2020.

The ball is now in the PRC's hands as it has to approve the USPS' revised FCM prices.  We will advise the membership as soon as the PRC acts.

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 — Our first chart was so popular we decided to update our Proposed 2020 USPS Postage Rates Charts! You can download the booklet to review the most up to date rates proposed by the USPS. These rates are proposed but if passed by the Postal Regulatory Commission the price changes will take effect on January 26, 2020, at which time we will release the full 2020 Postal Rate Booklet. Keep your eye on our Newsroom for any further updates. 

Below is a partial reprint of the USPS Announcement. The full announcement can be found here

The United States Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, of price changes to take effect January 26, 2020.

The proposed prices, approved by the Governors of the Postal Service, would raise Mailing Services product prices approximately 1.9%. Shipping Services price increases vary by product. For example, Priority Mail Express would increase 3.5% and Priority Mail would increase 4.1%, on average. Although Mailing Services price increases are based on the Consumer Price Index, Shipping Services prices are primarily adjusted according to market conditions. The Governors believe these new rates will keep the Postal Service competitive while providing the agency with needed revenue.

If favorably reviewed by the PRC, the new prices will include no increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, which would remain at 55 cents. The single-piece letter additional ounce price would remain at 15 cents. Also unchanged would be the prices of postcard stamps at 35 cents, and 1-ounce flats at $1.

For questions or concerns about the proposed price increase, contact us at 1.800.686.6666 or email



USPS 2020 Notice 123


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