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The Next Big Thing In Automotive Marketing Is Here

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Finding new clients for your automotive company is critical to your business. Our seven digital+post campaign tools make reaching your prospective clients in multiple channels EASY. 

A simple mailing campaign can be ramped up to a fully-fledged multi-channel campaign. Start with your mail piece and get Mail Tracking to know when your mailings reach mailboxes. Add in Online Retargeting Ads, Informed Delivery Email, Social Media Ads, and SocialMatch to reach your audience in multiple channels. Then when someone on your mailing list visits your site you can view exactly what’s happening and WHO is clicking with LeadMatch. Then you can pick up the phone and call them or wait until they call you and use Call Tracking to track and record the call.

Contact us today and ask us for a live demo and learn how we do this for other automotive companies like you every day! Double your marketing power and gain more relevant data with digital+post.


Real-Life Case Study: Dan R’s Automotive

Dan R's Postcard

The Challenge

Dan R’s Automotive, a local automotive repair company, wanted to increase their reach and overall presence in the local community.

The Solution

Digital+post maximizes marketing efforts by combining direct mail, mail tracking, call tracking, and a built-in online retargeting system to generate more, higher quality leads. The automotive company decided to mail out 1,000 postcards cards each month for six months paired with digital+post Mail Tracking, SocialMatch, and Call Tracking. 

The Result

Over those six months, Dan R’s Automotive gained 1,300 followers between Facebook and Instagram and received 48 calls. 


Use The Most Effective Channels For Integrated Marketing Solutions

Convert leads into customers and simplify your marketing with digital+post. Our automatic lead tracking, Social Media Ads, and Online Retargeting Ads take the worry out of finding new clients and reconnecting with previous clients who need new coverage, leaving you with more time to spend on what you do best.

Wondering whether this program is a good fit for you? Download our Automotive Case Studies, then contact us to discuss your goals. We’ll help you decide if your audiences would benefit from this approach. 

Want to know more about using digital+post for your next marketing campaign? Contact us at 1.800.686.6666 or email

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