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2022 First-Party Data Opt-In Series

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

We think this is will be the best, and most popular series of 2022. Yep, we're calling it right out of the gate. Why? Because it's absolutely critical for marketers to prepare for the cookie-less future with best practice recommendations for First-Party Data Strategies. Over the next few weeks, we'll help you put together your first-party data collection plan. And, if you want our super cool, First-party Data Strategic Plan download, you need to opt-in to our distribution list now. We're releasing the strategy guide,  2022 Midwest Direct First-Party Data Strategic Planning Guide on January 1, 2022. 

#1 QR Codes.  They ROCK!

Years ago, QR codes got a luke-warm reception. Marketers were eager to introduce them to targets, but the targets, the phone cameras we're quite ready for full adoption. In general, QR codes were perceived to have low scan rates.

Then the pandemic hit and, it suddenly seemed that the only way you could see a menu or get food was by using the printed QR code. Phone cameras now capture them with ease. Everyone, including your grandma, will now scan a code. See the chart above from Statista, 2021. What's more important? It's a great way to get first-party data opt-ins. 

In 2020, An estimated 11 million households were forecasted to scan QR codes in the US per Statista.
With smartphones now able to read QR codes without a special app, the ease of use will facilitate adoption rates.

In addition to serving up menus, you can use QR codes to drive traffic to avenues you need collect first-party opt ins. Whether you're offering discounts for future purchases, offering online ordering when shelves are bare or placing the QR Code on a landing page (yep, we've seen it) for quick form fills, consumers are now conditioned that swiping their phone camera across a QR code is a quick way to access what they want. They use them to OPT-IN for more. More information, more purchases, more ease of use. 

How does this translate into you collecting their first-party data?

Think strategically when you use QR codes. If you do marketing for restaurants, please immediately update their menu artwork with a discount offer and request an email or phone number to receive it. If you're helping prospects move through your discovery journey, don't be afraid to add a QR code for immediate download. Many people will use that to add your document to their phone "read later" file. Make sure you include the email or phone number request to receive more information. QR Codes are handy anywhere your audience is looking for quick information and can be used within that quick info to offer an incentivized opt-in to collect first-party data. 

Need help with QR codes? Our strategic marketing team can help you get started now 

or you can just hit the code!




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