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Pennsylvania Insurance Company - Case Study

Written by Midwest Direct

The Challenge

Due to continued growth, our client found it to be increasingly difficult to manage steadily expanding mail processing while meeting the Postal Service’s tight delivery deadline. The customer needed to find a way to get more mail out more efficiently without increasing costs.

The Solution

Midwest Direct presented the client with a mail processing proposal which included purchasing some of the company’s mail processing equipment and a plan to transition mail production to Midwest Direct. Once the proposal was accepted, Midwest Direct ran several data tests to ensure a smooth conversion.

The Results

Midwest Direct was able to process the mail more efficiently without increasing costs or compromising delivery times. Within the first two years of our partnership, the customer has realized $3.2 million dollars in postal savings!

Midwest Direct helps create and deliver our clients’ messages and communications, and can suggest ways to do so more efficiently. For more information on how Midwest Direct can get your message created and delivered efficiently and effectively, contact your sales or service representative or send an email to

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