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1: Overview of Data with Gary Seitz

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Getting data isn’t the problem. Making sure it’s accurate and segmented to reach the right person and in the right channel — that’s a challenge. Tying engagement and sales rates back for source attribution and clear ROI, that’s a real challenge! Most businesses are great at generating data, few are even good at managing it well. Listen to Gary Seitz, VP of Data and Analysis for CTRACdirect, a division of Midwest Direct, explain how his team helps B2B and Non-profit marketing teams, CRM managers and data analysts prep data for mail, email and online advertising campaigns. Gary and his team can also help those teams tie back the data from multiple sources (and file formats) to reveal true response rates, customer profiles, and ROI. For enterprise-level accounts, Gary’s team conducts in-depth data audits which often reveal black holes as well as new opportunities. Many marketers are swimming in data, Midwest Direct can help you with data management, data cleansing, analytics, support services and much more. 

Listen in for the full 411 of our Overview of Data from data specialist, Gary Seitz. 



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