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Omnichannel Retail Marketing the Easy Way

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Finding new customers for your retail business is mission-critical, especially with 4th of July and Labor Day sales just around the corner - and it is never too early to start preparing your holiday campaigns! Finding these new customers and drawing in the old ones can be made easy with digital+post. Using this fully integrated omnichannel campaign, you can gain relevant data and boost your marketing with new channels all without breaking the bank or overworking your marketing team. We designed digital+post to help marketers actualize great response rates and ROI by integrating additional channels with their marketing mail including Trackable Mailings, Online Retargeting Ads, Social Media Ads, SocialMatch, Informed Delivery Email, Call Tracking, and LeadMatch.

Maximize the impact of your mailings with multichannel marketing and trackable results. You pay for one campaign that runs for sixty days with many different touchpoints and you can see the results for everything. It’s never been easier to create and manage a multichannel campaign that really works. 

When you sign up for a digital+post campaign, we give you a dashboard to see your entire campaign in real-time and learn WHO is clicking. See a previous customer looking at your website that hasn’t shopped with you in awhile? Pick up the phone and call — and know they could be seeing you in email, and on social media for a month at the same time. And you can extend that experience with online retargeting ads for up to sixty days!

Contact us today and ask us for a live demo. Learn how we do this for other retail companies like you every day! Double your marketing power and gain more relevant data with digital+post.


Real-Life Case Study: Top Hat Tuxedo

Top Hat Tuxedo Postcard

The Challenge

Top Hat Tuxedo, a formal wear company, in Pittsburgh, PA, wanted to draw in potential customers with their upcoming summer wedding promotions. 

The Solution

With help from Midwest Direct’s omnichannel marketing platform, digital+post, Top Hat Tuxedo targeted 6,500 potential customers. They mailed out 6,500 postcards in tandem with Online Retargeting Ads. They also paired it with Mail Tracking, to ensure they had staff ready to go when the mail pieces hit mailboxes, and Call Tracking that tracked and recorded every call that came in, so they could receive full data on WHO is calling in.

The Result

Top Hat Tuxedos was able to staff accordingly based on when the mail pieces hit. They received 77 unique phone calls, and 249,047 views of their Online Retargeting Ads. With the cost of a tuxedo rental averaging $141, they would make $5358 if they closed the deal on every call. 


Prepare For Your Next Retail Sale With Digital+post

Convert leads into buyers and simplify your marketing with digital+post. Our automatic lead tracking, Social Media Ads, and Online Retargeting Ads take the worry out of finding new customers and connecting with inactive ones, leaving you with more time to spend on what you do best.

Learn how other retail companies have used our digital+post dashboard to boost their results by downloading our Retail Case Studies. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to double your marketing power. 


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