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Written by Jean DePalma Manager of Support Services

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

It’s a quote by famous basketball player and coach John Wooden, but it almost feels like it was written for our very own C.TRAC Direct Support Services department, which strives to help businesses tackle the “little things” that can be detrimentally left on the backburner.

The companies who have found success with Support Services are the ones who have realized that by putting off minor tasks, they were sacrificing major details. For some businesses, the issue lies in the fact that the help they need is never consistent, which makes it hard for them to find or keep part-time workers. For larger businesses, there simply may be bigger fish to fry – no one will bat an eye if a returned mail piece gets tossed in a pile without the customer’s address ever being rectified. These small, but important, tasks are either hastily done or not done at all, and in the end it is the business that ultimately suffers.

Do you need some support in these areas? C.TRAC Direct can handle any (and all!) of them:


When many businesses receive returned mail, they either toss it and forget it, or they immediately put the contact on their “Do Not Mail” list. What if some of your best customers were lost simply because you couldn’t investigate a bit further? Redirect+ puts value back into returned mail by utilizing our document capture and conversion tools, creating an electronic format that can then be updated and validated using USPS and proprietary tools. With an average update rate of 40-45%, almost half of a company’s returned mail can be resolved and used to contact customers that could have easily fallen off the radar. The pickup and destruction of any client’s return mail is handled in a safe and secure manner.

Keying of Data

Information is manually and accurately entered for any type of data entry job, including sweepstakes/giveaway events, retail store contests, warranty recalls, company inventories, restaurant “fishbowl” drawings, retail wish lists… if it’s on a piece of paper, we can enter it! These entries can be put into a custom-formatted Excel file, matched against a master file to append/update information, and we can even enter directly into your CRM. You’ll be left with an accurate view of your current customers and their activity, in addition to reducing storage costs and increasing your access to information.


Not everything can be done by a machine, especially when it comes to packaging and assembling, as well as kit building and fulfillment. Whether the same letter and product are going to everyone, or if they need to be segmented, Support Services has you covered! Their algorithms can determine how quickly packages can be assembled within an hour, so you can know your expected ship date up front. Warehouse space as well as inventory reports are available for ongoing projects. Learn how we helped nonprofit Wigs for Kids in their fulfillment needs.

Additional Services

Need items copied and scanned? What about collating documents or creating sales binders? Perhaps you need assistance with lockbox processing – a service that sorts, processes and deposits payments? Any manual tasks that a business does not have the time or manpower to handle can be also done by the Support Services team.

Don’t put off these important tasks. Instead, let the Support Services team take them on with care, accuracy and efficiency. Contact us today to get started!

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