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How to Capture Home Mailing Addresses Without Form Fills

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing


Use Your Gated Content to Capture Home Mailing Addresses -- Even When They Skip the Form

Gated content is an excellent method to capture first-party data -- if you set your strategy, create engaging content, manage the gate properly, and use direct mail retargeting.

Manage the Gate with New Techniques

Most of us already know the "build a landing page, ask for an email,  then send an email with content" formula. Now, of all those who download your content, how many gave you their "junk email" address? Your nurture campaign teeming with great offers is going to......their junk mail. 

"But, I've got retargeting ads rolling!" you say? 

If you installed an online ad retargeting pixel, they may be seeing your ads -- or depending on their privacy settings, they may not. 

Here's a new option. Install our direct mail retargeting pixel and, when your web visitor visits your landing page, we will match their IP address to their home address and send a postcard with your offer.  (Even if they don't fill in a form with their mailing address.) Your web visitor, who has already proven their interest by visiting, will receive a postcard with your offer within 48 hours of their visit. This method has a 60+% match rate and a 30-40 percent response rate. This is a great method to manage your gated content and ability to follow up with interested first-party audiences.

The Content Matters

Studies have shown you can alienate prospects by asking for email then offering a download of content that is essentially a repeat of what is on the site or limited in value for the information they need to progress in their discovery phase. Make sure you're really offering more information or very high-value content to engage and motivate your audience to want more from you.

Set Your Strategy First

Be sure to set your strategy before you launch. Pulling analytics, benchmarking, and knowing the traffic to the page is a good start. But you also need to plan how to capture the correct response rates for your channels -- including the direct mail. We have excellent tracking methods and source attribution tools to help you prove the efficacy of your campaign. 

Build Your First-Party Data

Using online sources to capture attention in-home is an excellent method to use First-Party Data for direct marketing.

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