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3: Going Beyond Conventional Reporting & Analysis

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Ever wanted to understand your own data better? Need to know exactly when your marketing mail arrived (or didn’t) to staff up call centers or your bricks & mortar locations for a sale? Ever wondered how major financial institutions or retailers quickly and efficiently segment data for more targeted and relevant messaging — then fully understand who responded and where they engaged? 

Listen to Gary Seitz, VP of Data and Analytics, describe data management ranging from simple to advanced tracking and reporting options for channels such as mail, email blasts, Informed Delivery and/or event-triggered emails. Then dive deep with Gary into the data analysis done by his team for many financial, retail and B2B organizations.

Plugin and learn how to significantly improve your data tracking, reporting & analysis in less than 30 minutes!

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CTRAC Direct a Division of Midwest Direct

Informed Delivery

Direct Mail Audit Results in Big Refund

Find Your True Customers

Support Services Boosts Efficiency

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Data

Returned Mail

Gary Seitz

Michelle Toivonen


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