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4: Everything You Should Know About Mail

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

Mail enjoys one of the best response and engagement rates available in marketing today. However, it is also a demanding channel that requires expertise and experience to manage well.  Midwest Direct can save you time and money while increasing visibility and delivery rates of your most important business communications and marketing messages. To get the most for your money, you need the help of a professional mailer to ensure your mail is in compliance and that you have achieved best practices. When you contact us, we’ll help to educate you on the best options for your mail at every point in the delivery chain  — from data acquisition and preparation through delivery, response tracking and reporting.

We manage the logistics, prepare the data and postal preparation and manage first-class mail, and marketing mail (standard mail) for clients ranging in size from large out-of-state financial institutions to local non-profit organizations. We can pick up, commingle and deliver mail to the USPS within about five hundred miles of our two locations in Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA.

Contact us before your next mailing and ask how we can add the power of digital marketing and tracking to see when your print actually triggered a response in an online channel.

Listen to Sean Gebbie, President of Midwest Direct, and learn how you can become more efficient, get more information, spend less and how to prove your ROI before your next mailing.

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