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Direct Mail Nonprofit Marketing With A Twist

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

When it comes to reaching out to past donors and finding new donors a safe go-to for nonprofits is always direct mail, especially when you can get nonprofit postage rates. However, many campaigns benefit from using a variety of touchpoints. In fact, 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of new channels to your campaign to boost your marketing data and gain relevant data. We designed digital+post to help marketers actualize great response rates and ROI by integrating additional channels with their marketing mail including: 

  1. Trackable Mailings
  2. Online Retargeting Ads
  3. Social Media Ads
  4. SocialMatch
  5. Informed Delivery Email
  6. Call Tracking
  7. LeadMatch

Maximize the impact of your mailings with multichannel marketing for real results. You pay for one campaign that runs for sixty days with many different touchpoints and you can see the results for everything. It’s never been this easy to create and manage a multichannel campaign. 

When you sign up for a digital+post campaign, we give you a dashboard to view exactly what’s happening and WHO is clicking. See donors looking at your website that haven’t donated in a while? Pick up the phone and call — and know they could be seeing you in email, online display ads, and on social media for a month. And you can extend that experience on Google for up to sixty days!

Contact us today and ask us for a live demo and learn how we do this for other nonprofits like you every day! Double your marketing power and gain more relevant data with digital+post.


Real-Life Case Study: Fulton Academy

Fulton Academy Mailer

The Challenge

Fulton Academy, a local theater, was trying to boost enrollment in their summer youth drama club programs.

The Solution

The theater worked with Midwest Direct to develop a digital+post campaign to send out 4,975 mail pieces to potential leads. They ran the campaign with mail tracking, LeadMatch, Informed Delivery, call tracking, online retargeting, SocialMatch, and social media ads.

The Results

Thanks to digital+post the theater was able to see that 100% of their mail pieces were delivered. They had 932 lead matches and 24,076 total leads (23,144 people not on their mailing list that could be interested in the theater and added to a mailing list for a future campaign!) They had 61,398 online retargeting ads displayed, 20,056 social media ads displayed, and a 68.6% match on social media profiles. They also reported 249 opens on Informed Delivery emails and 17 call tracking calls. Clearly, this campaign created much more brand awareness than they could have achieved through mail alone.


Create A Fully Integrated Campaign

Convert prospects into donors and simplify your marketing with digital+post. Our automatic lead tracking, Social Media Ads, and Online Retargeting Ads take the worry out of finding new donors and converting long time donors, leaving you with more time to spend on what you do best.

Learn how other nonprofits have used our digital+post tools to boost their results by downloading our Nonprofits Case Studies or listening to Our 5 Favorite Nonprofit Case Studies Podcast. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to start marketing with digital+post!

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