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Boost Color Customer Communications

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

To support client demands for digital color, Midwest Direct has installed Canon's revolutionary ColorStream® 3900 digital color printing system. The printer combines advanced inkjet technology and full digital color to enhance the appeal, engagement and business value of transactional and promotional documents.

Expand Your Marketing Capabilities

Your transactional and promotional documents are dynamically created to include relevant, personalized messages and graphics. We use business rules and your customer data to create documents with messages that speak personally to each one of your clients. Your variable marketing materials and business documents are simultaneously printed inline, increasing production efficiency while eliminating pre-printing, insertion costs, stock-storage fees, and paper waste.

When you choose to combine our print and mail services, our team will create and mail your marketing messages in one efficient, streamlined process to ensure your audience receives timely, high-quality messages that appear made just for them.

Reduced Stock Costs and Management Fees

There is no need for you to create and manage pre-print stock or masters. Your document data and designs are printed simultaneously. Changes to document design such as logos, addresses, and colors are very flexible. You benefit from an increase in cash flow and reduction in costs associated with managing masters, waste (outdated or damaged stock) and warehouse storage fees.

Eliminate Inserts with Cost-Effective Onsert Printing and Personalization

With Our Canon ColorStream® 3900, inserts can be printed directly onto your document as personalized onserts. These can be personalized and transformed into highly relevant offers, coupons, etc. This lowers postage costs and increases the likelihood that pieces will be seen and read, rather than falling out or being discarded.

Speeds, Feeds, Other Technical Things to Know

Whether you're a current print-mail client considering the transition to digital color, or a future client evaluating technologies of potential outsourcing partners, here are a few things to know about why we installed the Canon ColorStream® 3900 digital color printing system to better serve our clients:

Precise Registration, Consistent Color Quality

  • Our Canon ColorStream® 3900 features inkjet DigiDot technology that produces consistently crisp, pixel-precise registration, with the perceived output of up to 1200 dpi. This is full color and high speed.
  • *Specialty inks for MICR, custom colors, and security printing (for checks and official documents) available for specialized output needs.

High Speed, High Volume Performance

  • Built for speed and performance, our Canon ColorStream® 3900 is a continuous feed digital press with a maximum print width of 20.5 inches. The fast, high volume engine delivers up to 56 million full-color impressions per month – or nearly 2,000 letter-length impressions per minute to accommodate both short-run and high volume print requirements.

More Control, Less Waste & Environmentally Responsible

  • This printer reduces waste and enhances production control, increasing print efficiencies and paper usage to create a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible printed product.

Ask For Your Free Color Conversion Consultation

Among companies who outsource their print and mail, the shift to digital color is in full swing. The time to learn more about the benefits, savings, and ROI is now. Contact a digital color specialist today for a no-obligation Color Conversion Consultation. 


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