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7 Tools That Will Make You Better At Advertising Your Financial Services

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Afford and manage multiple touches in multiple channels to appeal to, engage with, and drive new clients to your financial services business. We offer a solution that begins with mailing but adds options like Facebook, Instagram, online ads, retargeting ads, Informed Delivery Email, and call tracking in. Your team doesn’t need to create and manage multiple pieces in multiple places. With our platform, it’s all located in one easy to use dashboard. Just send us your postcard (or ask us to make one for you) and we’ll load everything up. All you need to do is follow up on the leads as they come in. 

  1. Mail Tracking: Now you can accurately prepare for new calls and online leads by knowing exactly when your mailing campaign is hitting mailboxes.
  2. Online Retargeting Ads: If a prospect leaves your website without taking action, your ads will follow them using the Google Network and direct them back to your website.
  3. Social Media Ads: Keep your follow-up ads in front of their prospects even when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. SocialMatch: Match the names on your mailing list with their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Your target will receive the mailing and will be delivered the SAME message on their social feeds, even before they visit your website online.
  5. Informed Delivery Email: With Informed Delivery® integration, when you mail you can add a full color, clickable ad to replace the grayscale email preview sent to your audience by the USPS. You will also be able to see where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened (geographically)!
  6. Call Tracking: Get live updates and recordings of every call you’ve received as a result of your direct mail campaign.
  7. LeadMatch: You never knew who came to your website from your mailing... until now. Midwest Direct now has an advanced measurement solution able to track and measure the effectiveness of all media including direct mail.

Contact us today and ask us for a live demo and learn how we do this for other financial services companies like you every day! Double your marketing power and gain more relevant data with digital+post.


Real-Life Case Study: Accounts Receivable Concepts

ARC postcard

The Challenge

Accounts Receivable Concepts, a financial institution in Pennsylvania wanted to send out a mailing to bring in new customers.

The Solution

Digital+post maximizes marketing efforts by combining direct mail, mail tracking, phone call tracking, and a built-in online follow-up system to generate more, higher quality leads. Accounts Receivable Concepts was set up with a full digital+post campaign and mailed out 6,000 postcards.

The Result

Throughout the course of the campaign. their online advertisements were shown 67,418, resulting in 259 people clicking back to their website and 13 calls to their office. Each new caller represents a potential monthly income of $2,600 according to industry averages. Thanks to their digital+post campaign they increased their list of new clients and their revenue for the year!


Revolutionize Direct Mail with Integrated Marketing Solutions

Convert leads into clients and simplify your marketing with digital+post. Our automatic lead tracking, Social Media Ads, and Online Retargeting Ads take the worry out of finding new clients and reconnecting with previous clients who need new coverage, leaving you with more time to spend on what you do best.

Wondering whether this program is a good fit for you? Download our Financial Services or Credit Unions Case Studies, then contact us to discuss your goals. We’ll help you decide if your audiences would benefit from this approach. 

Want to know more about using digital+post for your next marketing campaign? Listen to our Credit Unions Podcast, read our Financial Services and the Future of Advertising blog, contact us at 1.800.686.6666 or email

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