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5 Easy Steps to Get Reservations Now

Written by Michelle Toivonen Director of Strategic Marketing

It’s been a TOUGH year for the hospitality industry. Even if you managed to keep the cash flowing with take-out orders, rocking the patio or by offering deep discounts for your venue we know 2020 was a giant revenue plunge for most. As the industry is finally starting to re-open, you need to maximize your earnings asap. Now — more than ever — you need to advertise. More importantly, you need to get to the right people, with the smallest budget. Here’s how to knock it out of the park. (Note: Don’t miss the bonus tip at the end — where we tell you how to grab back your 2019 and 2020 visitors — really!)

Get More From Social Media

Most hospitality industry insiders already post to social media. Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at some ads. What if you could do all this with one united campaign drive:

  • Target specifically the people/households in your neighborhood(s), acceptable travel zones, and…of course...previous customers.
  • Serve them all Facebook and Instagram ads for up to sixty days.
  • Send an email that averages an over 80% open rate.
  • Mail new prospects a postcard with an average response rate of 5%!
  • AND capture folks who come to your site and serve them ads (Website, Facebook, and/or Instagram) for up to sixty days.

...all for pennies per person. Sound good?


Here’s How We Do It!

1) Target the People in Your Neighborhood, Travel Zones, or Target Markets

There are tried and true methods that reach your target households. We can help you sort out what’s the best plan for you, your budget, and your timeline. Most importantly, whatever you end up choosing, we’ll make sure that your future customers see you for months and in more than just one place. We can send your message to their phone, laptop, inbox, and mailbox. That’s a lot of advertising for pennies per person.

2) Fresh Facebook and Instagram Ads Drive Online Reservations  

You’re probably already actively advertising on your social media accounts. We do something different. We can match the people in your target zone with their social media profiles and place your ads in their social feeds directly — for up to sixty days! Our match rate floats between 40-60%. And, we can guarantee that those matches will be targeted with your ads. When those viewers make it to your website, we’ll capture their information and serve ads to those folks too. Stay social with people who are most interested in your venue.

3) Send Direct Mail to Interested People

You send us your list (or have us buy one). We will use our software to track your mail and record when the folks on your list engage with you online or through your mailpiece.

Ask us to include Informed Delivery email for no additional fees! 

We directly integrate mail with. Over 40 million Americans have opted into the USPS Informed Delivery email — and the open rate is over 60%. As this is included in the setup, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

4) Catch Them with Print and When They’re Looking

Once they respond to your ads in social media or print, we’ll send them additional online ads in both channels. You can extend your campaign’s impact from one or two days (when they see the mail) to up to 60 days of online advertising and social media blitz. We all know, when it comes to online reservations, you often have to hit a customer a couple of times and at the exact right time - when they are looking. This might not happen the first time around, which is why repetition is key (especially if you have those enticing  pictures in your ad!) When you combine a mailing, and social media posts, and then online ads, your response rates get a boost long after the mail has been received — keeping your audience engaged with your message for up over two months. 

5) Track Your Results Live 

Your campaign can be fully loaded into your own custom digital+post dashboard. You have the power to track what is working anytime. While the campaign is running, you can download your mailing list, active leads, and captured site visitors anytime. You can also change the artwork for ads and social media as your campaign progresses, empowering you to be truly responsive throughout the campaign. All the information you need is at your fingertips!

Here’s What You Need

  • Your target zone — or ask us to help you 
  • Your Facebook and/or Instagram business page
  • Your favorite ad/postcard or idea


Here's Your BONUS TIP. Ask for VENUE REPLAY!

Want to target people who dined in your space in 2019 & 2020? We can do that! Just let us know when you had good crowds and we’ll launch a venue replay download. We literally go back in time and pull the mobile devices on your site during that time period.  You’ll have a nice BIG list of previous visitors, then, through us, you can send them postcards and/or online ads with your current offers! It’s our time machine marketing tactic and it’s the best way we know to capture the crowds you used to see! Ask us for help targeting previous visitors with venue replay and capture your old crowds as quickly as possible.

Contact us and ask for a live demo to see how easy it is for you to get reservations flowing!  

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