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20: Everything You Need To Know About Informed Delivery Directly from the USPS

Written by Michelle Toivonen & Dana Fowler

We’ve been adding Informed Delivery® emails to client mail at Midwest Direct since the beginning of the program. The excellent open rates and click-through rates have made us raving fans. Over the last two years, we have written several blogs covering the topic, including our first one in 2017 -- one of the most highly trafficked pages on our site. Given all that positive energy, it only seemed right for us to cover Informed Delivery® email with the USPS themselves. 

Informed Delivery® email is a powerful channel offered by the USPS. With our internal digital+post dashboard option, it’s easy to add Informed Delivery email to your next mailing. Your mail piece will arrive in your customer’s inbox as a grey-scale scan of your mail piece with a colorful, clickable link resolving to your preferred landing page on the same day your mail arrived in their mailbox. Marketers can further customize what the customer sees in their inbox to increase the engagement with your mail piece all while adding email as an additional touchpoint to your campaign.

Since Informed Delivery® is such a powerful touchpoint we wanted to get some input from the USPS. We got on the phone with Bob Dixon, Director of Product Technology Innovation from the USPS Informed Delivery® Development Team, to give us the most recent information and statistics about the channel. 

In this episode, Bob Dixon will go over what the Informed Delivery® email experience is like for a consumer, the most recent stats from the USPS, and some amazing case studies


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