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14: Revolutionize Your Mail with digital+post

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

At Midwest Direct we are big proponents of direct mail. You might have seen in our previous blogs, direct mail is being used by marketers in new ways. We’ve seen quite an uptick lately in how people send mail as well as new strategies for how to use mail for online engagement. Even with tight marketing budgets and the heavy scrutiny that comes with that, marketers increasingly choose to integrate direct mail into their marketing plans.

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels for generating new interest, brand awareness, and creating new business opportunities. However, times have changed. People no longer receive a mail piece and pick up the phone and call or walk into a brick and mortar location. They go online. 

We designed digital+post to help marketers integrate and serve messages in mail, social media, Informed Delivery emails, and online display ads. This changes the exposure in your campaign from a one-time mailing to mail, email, and online exposure for up to thirty days. It’s an incremental improvement in your marketing power and helps you improve the customer experience while gaining much more relevant data to inform you on your buyer’s behaviors and insights into your customer journeys.

Listen to Michelle Toivonen and Dana Fowler in this week’s episode of the Plus Podcast to learn about our NEW digital+post services.


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